Which are the Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO

Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO

We now know that there are region specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO which are exclusively available in only specific countries/continents to catch in the wild.

And yes, this isn’t another false myth about Pokemon GO that’s racing around the web.

Which are the region specific Pokemons and where are they available?

There are 4 region-specific Pokemons, they are:

  1. Taurus: Taurus is exclusively available only in North America.
  2. Kangaskhan: Kangaskhan is available only in Australia.
  3. Mr.Mime: Mr.Mime is available to catch only in Europe.
  4. Farfetch’d: Farfetch’d is only found as a wild Pokemon in Asia.

Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO

So, these are the 4 exclusive region specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO.

Though, our opinion goes towards the equality of the game all over. There shouldn’t be any region specific advantage to anyone. These Pokemons can still be obtained by hatching eggs, but still, has a relatively less chance out of the 145 Pokemons (6 Pokemons are still not available in Pokemon GO).

So, if you want to catch them in the wild, you’ll have to especially travel to those places and search to find and catch them, which is again a time-consuming, expensive and tough task.

What are your thoughts on these 4 Region Specific Pokemons?