Where to find Fire Type Pokémons in Pokémon GO – 4 Quick Tips

Where to find Fire type Pokémons

Pokémon GO has got you on a mission to catch all the Pokémons possible?

Different regions, climates, terrain, temperature and several other factors affect the visibility of the types of Pokémons that spawn near you, as proved by a research.

Catching rare Pokémons is hard and purely based on your luck.

Though there’s a very complex mechanism of the game behind which Pokémon is seen by you where, it still depends highly on chances, rather than occurrences where you may or may not spot a specific Pokémons.

Based on the myth that certain types of Pokémons appear at the correlating climates, which is partly correct, Fire type Pokémons are believed to appear more at places with high temperature, as they correlate with the nature of fire.

Fire-type Pokémons are rare. The popular ones like Charmander, Vulpix and Growlithe very often appear on your discovery of new Pokémons.

Going along with the myth of appearance of Fire-type Pokémons is correlated with the high temperature of your region, cold climate regions won’t find any Fire-types, right?

No. This myth is false.

This is because Niantic has made this game even for all. Though rare Pokémons are hard to find, one surely can find every type of Pokémon everywhere in the world!

Based on some statistical data, and confirmations by Pokémon GO players, here are the 4 conclusions we can make about where will you find Fire-type Pokémons in Pokémon GO:

  1. Fire type Pokémons have an extreme correlation with Temperature, Humidity, Cloud Cover, Clear Weather and Wind. So, Fire-type Pokémons can appear at places with either high temperature, less humidity, clear weather or dry winds. So, whenever the weather seems clean to you, dry winds blowing in your area, the sun is bright (irrespective of the temperature), there are chances that you might find a fire-type Pokémon there!
  2. An arid and dry climate is a great place to find rare fire-type Pokémons. Although this goes along with the above point, the new thing here is, if it’s raining or snowy in your area, you’ve very low chances of finding a fire-type. Stop your search then.
  3. As you level up, unlock new Levels, you’ve more chances of finding a rare Pokémon! So, when you’re at a higher level (an estimation of Level 15+), you will then notice more rare Pokémons coming near you. So, the stronger are you, the rarest Pokémons will appear near you irrespective of the weather and climate then! So, this concludes that you might find a Fire-type Pokémon even in the rain if you’re on a higher level in the game!
  4. The myth is, Fire-type Pokémons are often seen in/near common places like parks, parking lots and gas stations. Try out your luck! It’s not necessary to be actually near the proximity of the fire to find Fire-type Pokémons. Just searching out at such places might get you one or two!


  • To find a Fire-type Pokémon in the beginning of your adventure, you should better go with Charmander; or search at places with a warm climate, or a sunny day with dry winds.
  • Fire-type Pokémons are often spotted at places like gas stations, parks, parking lots, etc. Make sure you visit these places once and try it out.
  • Levelling up is the key to finding rare Pokémons easily, and that even includes Fire-types. As stronger you’re in the game, you’ll find stronger Pokémons to catch!
  • Better not try out finding Fire-types in rainy or snowy weather when you’re just a beginner; you probably won’t find them.

Know any other tips to find Fire-type Pokémons? Share your thoughts in the comments below!