Where to find Charizard in Pokemon GO in the wild?

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Along with Dragonite, Snorlax, Lapras and a few others, Charizard is amongst the most powerful Pokemons in Pokemon GO.

It contains a powerful move set and can have the highest CP up to or above 3000.

But, catching Charizard in the wild is no joke. And it’s one of the rarest ones that might appear somewhere sometimes.

So, the best way to have a Charizard is to self-evolve it, by collecting enough Charmander candies and using it on a powerful Charmeleon. Again, stacking up on enough Charmandercandies is a tough task since Charmander itself is a rare Pokemon. So, you should try your luck with Hatching Eggs which gives you 10 candies of a Pokemon that hatches. The Egg Hatching chart confirms that Charmander can hatch from a 2 km egg.

Where to find Charizard in Pokemon GO?

The Pokemon spawning research conclusion leads us to the where to find fire type Pokemons data providing places where we can find different species of Fire-Type Pokemons. Since Charizard is also a fire-type, you can rely on the conclusions below.

One of the things to take into consideration in the first place is – There are more chances of spotting Rare and Powerful Pokemons after you’ve leveled up enough. Pokemons like Charizard may appear to you after Level 20 or more, though this isn’t any fixed rule; you might sometimes encounter it even at Level 15, but that Pokemon will be of low CP and weak.

Here are the places where you can find a Charizard:

  1. Places with High Temperature: As you can expect, a blazing-hot fire-type and fierceful Pokemon like Charizard is expected to be often seen at places with High Temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher are the chances of seeing a Charizard.
  2. Less Humidity Percent in the Air: Again, this is another measure in the game of calculating spawning of certain types of Pokemons. Though not very important, it still does play a role in the spawning of Charizard.
  3. Clear Weather: When the weather in your area is clear, with no rainy clouds, or rain or snow; the chances of Charizard spawns increases to an higher extent.
  4. An Area with Hot Dry Winds: Dry Winds is another factor that plays an important role in the spawning of Charizard.
  5. Parking Lots and Gas Stations: These are the 2 common places where most of the Charizards have been spotted. Though they might appear sometimes in a park or some road, there are more chances of spotting it somewhere near/in a parking lot and gas station.


Finding a Charizard is a difficult task, but once you take the above criteria’s into consideration, you can soon find one or even more Charizard’s spawning near you.

Happy catching ’em all!

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