What is Pokémon GO? All you need to know about!

What is Pokémon GO

Starting out with my favourite Charmander. Nidoran on the Street’s Corner. Doduo running at the gym’s gate. There’s a Pokémon everywhere I go. They’re literally everywhere, one even at my home!

You’ve heard about Pokémon in your childhood and Pokémon GO everywhere you go these days. So, what this so-called “Pokémon GO” and why it’s all rage nowadays?

Simply, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game giving a whole new direction to the good’ol Pokémon cartoon series bringing in a real-life adventure of the Pokémon through your smartphone.

What that means is, turn on the game, and you’re then into the world full of Pockét Monsters (Pokémon) for you to catch, battle, make them stronger, win gyms, and dominate this Pokémon’s virtual world!

So, Pokémon GO is a complete transition from the Pokémon’s cartoon world to our real world. You’re free to explore this virtual world at your own pace, discover new Pokémons and enjoy a mixture of virtual world blended with the real world.

What is Pokémon GO and How to Play it?

What is Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO in the simplest terms is a smartphone game replicating your real world into your game, the real you into a digital you and the digital Pokémons in the real world.

It’s a real-life adventure (augmented-reality), free to play game available in the Google Play and the Apple App Store (only for a few selected countries yet). You only got to get a strong internet connection, GPS available in your smartphone, and your phone’s battery charged enough (Pokémon GO is a massive battery hog!).

It’s free with in-app purchases called PokéCoins, an in-game Pokéworld currency that are then used to buy a lot of stuff in your digital Pokémon world!

Pokémon GO PokéCoins

Pokémon GO game uses GPS to project your real-world location inside your game and represent the real you. The augmented reality brings up a clean UI, real world maps, overlaid by fancy Pokémon at places where you go. You yourself are the lead character of the game which is set on to an adventure catching as many Pokémons (Pockét Monsters) as possible, battle and win gyms, and finally, become the Pokémon master!

Gotta catch’em all!

Getting Started: What’s in the game!

If you’ve watched the Pokémon cartoon series, you might have already come to know by now that Pokémon GO is the real-life adventure of you representing the lead character, Ash from the Pokémon cartoon series.

Pokémon GO is really changing the way you play games.

To interact with the digital you in the game, you need to take physical actions in this real world. That is, when you walk with your phone in hands, the digital you in the smartphone will walk!

Starting Pokémon GO with Pikachu

The most exciting part of the game is – catching Wild Pokémons in real!

Walk along the roadside, the streets, lawn, gardens and everywhere in your nearby area and you find different species of Pokémons everywhere. If you’re at the right timing, and see a Pokémon in front of you, you’re then presented with the option to catch the Pokémon or run away.

There are tools called PokéBalls (a capsule like ball flexible in size) used to catch Pokémons and carry them with you on your adventure.

You got to drag and throw the PokéBall right onto the wild Pokémon which then tries to capture the Pokémon into it. If successful, gotcha! you caught a new Pokémon! Or if you’re unsuccessful in catching a Pokémon, you’ve chances till the Pokémon runs away.

How to Catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Another interesting aspect of the Pokémon game is – the Gyms!

Gyms are places where you, as a trainer, challenge the Gym leaders (powerful Pokémon trainers) for a Pokémon battle. If you win, you earn a Gym badge. Collecting different types of specified Gym badges then makes you eligible to participate in a Pokémon league (as per the cartoon series). Here, in the game, you can defeat Gyms, and create your own Gym once you become a powerful and successful Pokémon trainer.

Pokémon GO Battle Scene

In the Pokémon GO game, there are places called PokéStops, places where you get your adventure related stuff for free, i.e. PokéBalls, Cubators, Eggs and other items that you need in order to become a successful Pokémon trainer. You got to go to your nearby PokéStop (as indicated in the game), flip the circle and click on the item bubbles to collect them. It’s fun!

Pokémon GO PokéStop

Alternatively, you can even buy these items through PokéCoins from your account dashboard in the game.

Why Pokémon GO is all the craze nowadays?

Everywhere you go these days, you see teens peeping into their phone, unaware of the world they’re living in, playing this game called Pokémon GO.

So, what’s so special about this game that has made people go crazy?

Infact, there are startling statistics about Pokémon GO that shows that it’s even more popular than Facebook and Twitter Apps in the US!

The main reason for this is – The Augmented Reality!

I, myself, is a long-time Pokémon fan, admiring the awesome world of Pokémon, dreaming of it to be a reality one day.

And, Pokémon GO has made the Pokémon cartoon series go real!

As you have to physically take part in the game, walk, discover and explore, it feels like you’re in the Pokémon world to capture, train and battle your Pokémons to become the Pokémon master!

That’s the main reason why Pokémon GO is spreading up like fire everywhere!

People are found playing this game almost everywhere, on the streets, roadsides, buses, trains and even while driving (not good)!

On social media, Pokémon GO is the only topic that you will see everywhere!

How easy is it to get started?

We’ve a complete series of tutorials to get you started from the beginner’s stage to the advanced stage and master the Pokémon world, catch and make your Pokémons powerful and do a lot more.

The beauty of this game is, you can play wherever you go, irrespective of your location in the world. All you need is a strong Internet connection, GPS and your phone’s battery enough charged.

To explain the gameplay in simple words, you got to create an account for Pokémon GO, choose your character, style its appearance as you wish, and enter into the PokéWorld!

Final Words

Pokémon GO is really changing the way you play games and interact with your smartphone. Since it requires you to take physical action, you can’t have your lazy mood and play it lying on your bed. Physicians say that Pokémon GO is going to affect people’s health positively as more and more people play this game. But on the other hand, it’s a major time waster, and you should be aware of the time you spend playing Pokémon GO. We have an in-depth Pokémon GO review that you should consider reading in order to know Pokémon GO game better.

Whatever it may be, this game is a great way bringing strangers together at places, encouraging them to develop friendship and be a part of the world of Pokémon!

Have you played Pokémon GO yet? If not, download it from here and enjoy a real-world, thrilling Pokémon experience. Comment your opinions about the game below.