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Umbreon, Espeon and Tyrogue Models Found on Niantic’s Servers?

Today morning, a sprite was published on the Spriters Resource showing off the Johto Pokemons, along with Umbreon, Espeon and Tyrogue!

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Though, on research, no traces of these Pokemons have been found in the game APK file, so it’s still unclear what the truth is.

Here’s what dronpes, the admin of /r/TheSilphRoad has to say on this:

The spritesheet with those gen 2 species is very likely a fan-made spritesheet. It is not an asset available (in that form at least) in the APK.

We’ve reached out to both the Spriters-Resource team (who are trying to track down where they acquired it) and another article writer who mentioned receiving a non-error server response when requesting those specific image assets. Neither has so far confirmed that Tyrogue/Umbreon/Espeon’s images are available when requested.

At any rate, if they are served by Niantic’s servers, that change occurred back in mid-December, and not anytime recently.

It is possible the eeveelutions and Tyrogue had their sprites prepared alongside the babies, but their candy/evolution mechanics have not yet been implemented in the client-side code.

Hopefully that helps answer what that spritesheet is all about!

What’s your opinion on this? Would you love to see Umbreon, Espeon and Tyrogue in Pokemon GO? Leave a comment below.

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