A Quick Trick to Skip Egg Animations

Egg Hatching Pokemon GO

At times it happens that you encounter some rare Pokemon in the wild and at the same time, the egg hatching screen pop-ups, takes heck a lot of time to complete that animation, and by that time, your rare Pokemon in the wild has already disappeared!

Also, if you’re in a hurry, you wouldn’t want those Egg Animations to take up your precious time; especially when you’ve multiple egg hatches at once, it becomes a little boring.

So, here’s a nifty trick to Skip Egg Animations first reported by /u/UppyGSY in this Reddit thread.

Putting the thread into short here, here’s how you skip Egg Animation:

When the “Oh?” message pops up, simply pinch inwards as if you were zooming out on a map on your phone.  This will cancel the animation for that egg.

For the first time, it may look to you like you haven’t received the Pokemon, but you can simply verify in the journal that you’ve hatched which Pokemon and more data about it.

This simple trick will save you from a lot of hassles that are sometimes caused due to those intrusive and uncancellable sudden Egg Animations in the game.

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