5 Safety Tips while Playing Pokemon GO

Safety Tips while playing Pokemon GO

Though Pokemon GO is a game that lets you explore this real world and enjoy an adventure, there are specific advantages and disadvantages of the game.

And some of the biggest disadvantages while playing Pokemon GO are accidents and robberies that have been reported in several countries.

So, here are 5 safety tips while playing Pokemon GO to prevent any tragedies.

5 Safety Tips while playing Pokemon GO

#1 – Plan your Adventure

It’s always better to first plan your Pokemon GO adventure and then move forward on that way. Since the game can have unexpected turns making you go towards some another direction to catch a rare Pokemon, you may sometimes be unaware of where you’re going and then get lost.

The better bet is to just walk along your planned lines even if you spot any rare Pokemon in a nearby area so as to be on track on your adventure.

Make sure you’re always on the track of where you planned from and to in your adventure, and because it’s very easy to get lost while all your attention is in the smartphone; in the game.

#2 – Travel in Groups

Several incidents have been reported in various countries by news sites all over the world. Buglers have been targeting Pokemon GO players to rob and run away, as most of them have their complete attention right into their smartphones.

Also, going on an adventure alone is a little risky. So, you’re better with a group that are all marching in their adventure and catching ’em all!

There have been many groups Pokemon GO marches, hunts, where lots of people come together and leave on an adventure to catch Pokemons. Though not in a big group, you should at least have someone with you on the adventure.

#3 – Don’t Play while Driving

Playing Pokemon GO while driving vehicles is one of the biggest reason why accidents happen with players. There are chances of a rare Pokemon popping up while you’re driving on a highway catching all your attention towards it. You shall better not play the game while driving to avoid accidents.

#4 – Carry Proper Food & Water on Adventure

If you’re on an adventure of several hours, you should always have plenty of food, water, snacks and juices to prevent from getting fatigue due to a lot of walking. Taking care of your health is also necessary.

At such times, you should always have a bag packed with your essentials with you, a lot of water so that you don’t get dehydrated and then enjoy catching all the Pokemons you can!

#5 – Get Healthy Sleep at Night

If you’re catching Pokemons for the whole day, you got to get sound sleep at night to fully heal yourself and feel energised the next day. Failing in doing so will lead to fatigue and stress the next day, unproductivity and laziness. We’ve all been catching Pokemons at all times, but make sure you always give a good rest to your body to stay healthy, fit and productive for the next day.

Do you play safe Pokemon GO? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.