Are There Any Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO?

Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO

The region specificity of Pokemons in Pokemon GO has been one of the latest and the greatest rumour running around in the Pokemon GO world.

Is this again a false Pokemon GO myth?

There have been several articles on the web revolving around the topic of region specificity of Pokemons, numerous Redditors asking about it in Reddit threads, several forums are covered with this question, lots of people asking it on specific Facebook groups, some tweets and memes on Twitter, and a lot more.

To sum up, the topic of region specific Pokemons have been revolving all around the web.

Are the Rumours of Region Specific Pokemon in Pokemon GO true?

In one word – Yes.

The rumour that there are special Pokemons that are only available in specific regions (specific parts of the world) is true.

We’re only at this conclusion after it’s been confirmed by thousands of Pokemon GO players living all around the world.

The one’s that live in a specific area (country/continent) have seen some special species of Pokemons in wild that others in the rest of the world haven’t.

This proves that there are special region specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO.

Which are the Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO?

As you now know that there are some region specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO, exclusively available in specific countries/continent, it’s time to uncover them.

There are 4 region-specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO, Taurus, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d.

Taurus is exclusively found in the wild only in North America, Kangaskhan in Australia, Mr. Mime in Europe and Farfetch’d in Asia.

Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO

All these 4 Pokemons (as seen in the above graphic) are not available in any other regions in the world except the ones listed.

There are special reasons so as to why these rare Pokemons are made region specific which are still being found out and are hidden as it still remains a mystery in the Pokemon GO world.

Should these Pokemons really be region specific or Niantic should’ve been even with all the players? Comment your opinion in the comments section below.