A Simple Trick to Reduce Data Usage in Pokémon GO

Reduce Data Usage in Pokémon GO

Along with high battery consumption, another issue with Pokémon GO is, it requires a strong internet connection and uses a lot of internet data.

So, until you have an unlimited high-speed data subscription on your smartphone, there’s no chance you can take a risk of playing Pokémon GO or end up paying for high Internet data usage.

But, there’s a reason behind the consumption of high Internet is that it is constantly in sync with the server, when you walk, move, go to a PokéStop, collect items, and every of that detail is updated in real time by syncing with server almost every second.

So, the massive usage of Internet data still seems legit.

But, the question is, How to Reduce Data Usage in Pokémon GO?

So, here are some nifty tricks to reduce Internet usage while playing Pokémon GO.

A Simple (and efficient) Trick to Reduce Data Usage in Pokémon GO

Our Pokémon GO Data Usage statistics shows that the game uses a maximum of 10 MB of Internet data while you play the game non-stop for an hour. Going along with this calculation, we can estimate a usage of around 2 GB Internet Data while you play for 7 hours/day for a month.

Although, this level of battery consumption isn’t very huge as compared to your movie streaming and video buffering, but still, there’s a hidden and efficient way with which you can reduce data usage in Pokémon GO.

And the trick is:

Disable Pokémon GO Background Data Usage

You already know that Pokémon GO only runs in the foreground, i.e. it uses battery and the Internet only when you’re using the app.

But, on researching the backstage of the working of Pokémon GO, it is found out that the app still sends and receives some data packets while the game isn’t running (when you’re not playing the game).

Here’s a screenshot which proves that Pokémon GO uses a little part of internet data in the background:

Pokémon GO Data Usage

As you can see, when in a day we played the game 2 hours, it used around 20 MB data, which is optimal as per the statistics.

But, the additional 0.5 MB that comes from the Background of the app can sum up to a huge amount of Internet data usage when played for a longer time.

Let’s do some quick math:

Since the app uses 0.5 MB per 2 hours, it consumes 1 MB in the background when played for 4 hours. According to this, when we play the game 30 days, it sums up to an additional 30 MB of Internet data consumed which we haven’t even used. Afterall, 30 MB isn’t a small amount of data…

So as to save this background data consumption by the app, here are some quick steps.

Steps to reduce data usage by Pokémon GO:

  1. Go to “Settings” of your phone -> tap on “Data Usage“. All the apps with their data usage will be listed there.
  2. Find and tap on “Pokémon GO“.
  3. Turn on the switch that says “Restrict App Background Data“.

That’s it! With this switch turned on, the app will no more consume your precious Internet data in the background while it isn’t running.

Happy saving it all!

Did you try out this trick? How much Internet Data did it save you? Comment your opinions in the comments section below.