4 Real Life Tips to Become Pokémon GO Master!

Pokémon GO

You’ve already started your Pokémon journey.

You’ve already got several of them.

You’ve already passed level 5 and are now getting ready for the real adventure.

You’re a Poké Fanatic just like us, who’ve taken up with this adventure of catching all the Pokémons possible. Though it’s difficult to travel to different places and capture Pokémons, you’re still doing it, right? Because that’s what you love to do!

Now, so as to simplify this process, and help you get better at this augmented reality game, here are 4 special real-life tips to become  Pokémon GO master!

4 Essential Real-Life Tips to Become Pokémon GO Master

#1 – While hatching eggs, walk straight

When you’re keeping an egg in an incubator to hatch it, there’s an advanced algorithm that’s working behind the scenes calculating all your steps, distance, displacements and other physical aspects to try accurately measure the distance you walked.

But, this may get inaccurate at times.

For instance, when you’re revolving or jogging in a park with 2 km radius trying to get your egg hatched, the system may not be able to accurately track the distance you covered.

So, whenever you’re up to hatch your egg, try walking straight, as that becomes simple for the system to accurately measure your distance and for you too as you’ll get your egg hatched earlier.

#2 – To level up quickly, catch common Pokémons like Weedle and Pidgey

Levelling up in Pokémon GO is a heck difficult task.

It’s easy at starting times when you’re just beginning out and need about 4000-5000, but later in the game, as you’ve already caught and evolved many of the common Pokémons in your locality, it starts becoming increasingly hard as you level up, especially once you reach Level 15.

You’ll need more experience points than ever to level up, and that only goes on increasing by a high curve.

So, at such times, catching commonly sighted Pokémons like Pidgey and Weedles will help you get experience points quick and level up faster.

#3 – If you’re going to spend real money in this game, buy Egg Incubators

It’s the Eggs that give you some rare Pokémons depending upon the distance to be covered to hatch the egg. It’s seen that eggs which needs you to walk 10 kilometres hatches out into a rare Pokémon.

And that really helps you to complete your collection.

So, buying Egg Incubators will be the most efficient thing you’ll ever do in this game, since all other items can be obtained through the PokéStops.

Buying and having more Egg Incubators will lead into more Eggs getting ready to hatch simultaneously, essentially saving out a lot of other walking time and energy!

#4 – When trying to find out rare Pokémons, socialise with other locals

The main motive behind creating Pokémon GO is to bring people together.

As seen in their first introductory tutorial, they aim to not only bring all the gamers and Pokémon fans but the people from all over the world together to peace and harmony.

Also, socialising with other locals can help you out in many ways.

The location of one of the very rare Pokémons that you’re trying to find out may be known by some other locale residing at that place, and you get their help to know what kind of Pokémons are generally available in that area.

Along with that, what’s better is, you become friends. Connecting with other people is the key to success with this augmented reality game!


So, these were the 4 Essential Real-Life Tips that will help you on your journey to becoming a Pokémon GO master.

Have any other real-life tips to share? Open up your thoughts in the comments section below.