Pokemon GO XP Chart – How Much XP Do You Earn at Every Events

Pokemon GO XP Chart

Levelling up in Pokemon GO is the key to becoming a Pokemon GO master!

Levelling up needs a lot of XP, and the XP curve goes on steep as you go beyond Level 20.

So, here’s a quick compilation of all the events and the XP gained in each in the table to help you increase your trainer level in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO XP Chart

EventXP Gained
Pokestop Interaction50
Add A New Pokemon To Pokedex500
Evolve A Pokemon500
Defeat Enemy Pokemon At A Gym (Per Pokemon)100
Defeating Every Pokemon At A Gym50
Curveball Bonus10
Nice! Throw Bonus10
Great! Throw Bonus50
Excellent! Throw Bonus100
Successful Pokemon Capture100
Catch your 100th Pokemon Of A Species100
Hatch a 2 KM Egg200
Hatch a 5 KM Egg500
Hatch a 10 KM Egg1000

Here’s an image to get a visual grasp of the XP distribution chart:

Pokemon GO XP Chart