Pokémon GO v0.29.3 released. Here’s what’s new in it

Pokémon GO

It’s been quite a time since Pokémon GO v0.29.2 is there with us, which has some big nasty bugs, like the three steps bug for Pokémons nearby you.

So, v0.29.3 has been released just now.

We were expecting that Niantic is aware of this three steps bug and would definitely solve this issue in the newer version.

But, we are surprised on seeing the changelog of v0.29.3:

  • Minor Text Fixes

That’s it! Nothing has changed in Pokémon GO except minor text fixes.

With this version too, I’m sure that the three steps bug is still there to trouble us all in catching out new Pokémons.

So, this new release doesn’t actually have anything new with it. No improvements on the client-side app. Most of the changes that took place were on the server side due to which it was able to handle all the traffic from the Japan release without any downtime or overloaded servers.

You can update to the latest version of Pokémon GO 0.29.3, by downloading it from here:

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