Pokémon GO servers are overloaded. Release for other countries delayed!

What is Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is the name that you’re hearing it everywhere nowadays, let it be the social media or your school or neighbourhood; everyone’s seen playing this real-life Pokémon adventure game!

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Since it’s launch on 7th July 2016, the number of Pokémon GO players have been steadily increasing at a very fast pace, statistics showing the game outranking apps like Facebook and Twitter!

This outrageous response to this game also led to a very high rise in the Nintendo stocks. In future, they’re predicted to go even higher.

But, in this race of downloading and installing Pokémon GO and enjoying Pokémons in real-world, millions of people all over the world are playing this game at all the times of the day, leading to a heavy impact over the servers connected with the Pokémon GO game.

Nintendo didn’t expect this high response from people for this game and hence didn’t have enough servers that let everyone enjoy Pokémon GO fully.

So, because of not enough servers dedicated for Pokémon GO, people started experiencing server outage issues and were temporarily unable to enjoy the game.

In reply to this issue, here’s what Nintendo has to say:

Thank you for your patience. We have been working to fix the server issues. We will continue rolling out #PokemonGO to new countries soon.

Also, they’re temporarily stopped releasing Pokémon GO for other countries and are first focusing on adding adequate new servers that can accommodate players from the rest of the world.

If you want to check whether Pokémon GO servers are down for only you or also for the rest of world, you can check the Pokémon GO server status and the Pokémon GO Outage Map.

For now, Pokémon GO is available to US, Australia, Germany, New Zealand (from the time of the launch) and UK (14th July).

For the rest of the world, it’s officially unavailable but you can still download Pokémon GO latest version from this site and enjoy the game irrespective of your location.

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