Pokémon Go Review: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

What is Pokémon GO

Just within a week, Pokémon GO has now evolved from a smartphone game to an ecosystem played by millions of Pokémon Fans worldwide.

Chances are, even you too are a long-time Pokémon Fan who’ve dreamt of a real-life Pokémon adventure which is now possible through this game called – Pokémon GO.

In simple terms, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality, an indirect live view of your real-world in the game representing a digital character (you) that takes action depending on your real physical actions.

We’ve already covered what is Pokémon GO in depth over here, and getting hands on this much-awaited game feels awesome.

Here’s our thorough review on the Pokémon GO game covering all the aspects of the game and the related real-world.

Pokémon GO Review: A Revolutionary Real-World Adventure!

Getting started with the game is easy. You first got to sign up using your Google account, give the game required permissions, and then the real fun begins!

The first screen that comes up after signing is choosing your character. Pokémon GO offers some real possible customizations. You’ve the ability to change the look and appearance of the character in every way you like, some options being the change of eyes, nose, hair colour, t-shirt, jeans and others.

Pokémon GO Player Customization

After you’ve your own unique and desired look, you’re them embarked on a journey, a mission to capture wild Pokémons, and get better as a Pokémon trainer.


The concept of Augmented Reality is the reason why Pokémon GO is a big hit in the gaming industry. No one likes the old, boring game where you lie on your bed and keep on playing it. A digital character simulating your real-life actions seems heavenly. You walk in the real-world to make your digital character walk. Your real location is automatically mapped in the game which makes you feel that you’re in the same real-world where Pokémons have arrived!

Pokémon GO is completely based on the very popular cartoon series of Pokémon where a guy named Ash sets on a journey to conquer and become a Pokémon Master by collecting and battling Pokémons in the gyms, earning badges and having a cool adventurous life.

A very similar is the approach to the Pokémon GO game as well. You, as a character, either a male or a female is set on a journey to capture Pokémons, explore the Pokémon world, battle your Pokémons and make them stronger. You then gain Experience Points (referred to as XP’s) which is the indication of mastery in the game.

Pokémon GO Screenshot

Based on the Experience Levels, you can then fight gyms, earn badges!

Everything in the game seems lively as if you’re the one catching the Pokémons in real-life!

PokéBalls are special, capsule shaped tools to capture Pokémons and carry them with you on the adventure.

How to Catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Walk to real-life locations called PokéStops and from there you get necessary items for adventure for free, imitating the cartoon concept of a Pokémon Mart.

Pokémon GO PokéStop

Pokémon GO has PokéCoins, a digital PokéWorld currency that can be bought by paying real-world currency, which is used to then buy the important items in the Pokémon World.

Pokémon GO PokéCoins

You can catch as many Pokémons as you want, with a limit of 256 at most to be carried in the bag. Again, this limit can also be extended using PokéCoins.

Also, there are things like Pokémon Candies, Eggs and Incubators which are related to the health and evolution of a Pokémon.


There’s not much to the Gameplay of Pokémon GO, it’s to be explored by you, enjoyed by you! The most enjoyable thing that is to be done in this game, is – Catching Pokémons!

And that’s a great fun in itself.

It’s a process of finding wild Pokémons by walking in, around or far away from your area, confronting them, and finally catching them with the PokéBalls!

Another interesting thing in this game is – Battling!

Making your Pokémons stronger and battling them with others is the real fun. You walk around in your area, catch Pokémons, increase your XP points, make Pokémons stronger, and then battle in the Gyms!

Pokémon GO Battle Screenshot


You’re presented with a cool, but a little complicated interface to deal with. The gameplay area is clean, with you as a digital character being represented on a mapped area tracked from the GPS system. All around you are the PokéStops, your nearby area to explore and your destination that you’ve to reach in order to level up.

Wild Pokémons come and go as continue walking. If you wish to catch one of them, you got to confront them (i.e. go nearby), throw a PokéBall perfectly onto the Pokémon, and capture it. The info about the nearby Wild Pokémons is displayed in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Starting Pokémon GO with Pikachu

The backside dashboard interface is well-laid. You’ve all your PokéBalls, items and other stuff well categorised to find.

The only thing is, it takes a bit of time to understand the game and the interface fully, only after which you can enjoy this game to it’s fullest.


Pokémon GO Screenshot

Pokémon GO is highly configurable.

Starting right from choosing your character and editing it’s look and appearance according to your choice up to the main game scene where you as character move and explore the digital world, everything is very nicely designed.

All your movements, actions are well-defined by the high-quality graphics in the game.

And the best bet is at the time when you spot a wild Pokémon, and the game projects that Pokémon to the real-life using your phone’s camera. That’s the moment when you feel that Pokémons have really entered into our world.

Looking at the level of detailing of the Pokémon GO game, the graphics of this game is pretty clean and worth praising!


Pokémon GO has got some pretty good algorithmic senses when it comes to calculating, and levelling up your character, Pokémons and items.

Also, their servers, which are connected through the API with game making it possible to dynamically create and show you those wild Pokémons is some real sense put into this game.

What’s better is, the game is smarter than you think!

You can’t cheat the game by driving on to a certain length instead of walking as the game automatically calculates and determines your position, acceleration and displacement. So, if it senses something fishy, it knows that you’re trying to cheat the objective of the game!


  1. Pokémons into the real-life making people explore this world!
  2. Augmented Reality making people’s dream come true.
  3. The well-laid and applied concept of the Pokémon cartoon series makes the game more lively.


  1. You need strong internet connection all the time to stay connected with the game.
  2. Unstable servers leading to server issues and game outages.
  3. Usage of a high percent of phone battery while playing.


Pokémon GO is no doubt a game that changes the way we play. With the highly dreamt real-life Pokémon adventure, the Augmented reality concept is one of the main reasons why it’s highly successful.

A thing to be noted here is, although Pokémon GO has bugs, it’s still in beta stage, i.e. a stable version of Pokémon GO hasn’t been released yet.

Looking at what the beta version has brought in, and the millions of raving fans that are ready to play Pokémon anytime, it is predictable to go massive hit when it’s available to the Pokémon Fans all over the world, which is not yet possible due to server issues.

Having had first hands on Pokémon GO, all I can say is, it is indeed a dream of real-Pokémon adventure come true, and you too should surely try it and enjoy the new generation of smartphone gaming!

Discover and explore the Pokémon GO world through a long adventure!