Pokemon GO released in Latin America!


Things were at a halt after Niantic released Pokemon GO for Hong Kong on 24th July.

Soon after which they released a new update to Pokemon GO – v0.31.0 for Android which brought some amazing changes in the game.

Followed by severe server updates to handle as much traffic as they can, this newer version of Pokemon GO brought changes in the UI, made accessing several parts of the game easier, and removed the footprints tracking for a temporary period.

Today, 3rd August, Niantic released Pokemon GO in the much-awaited nation – Latin America.

This includes Brazil and the nearby countries’ fans who were waiting for a long time to get Pokemon GO in the country.

So, the wait is now over!

You can quickly download this game from the respective App Stores and enjoy this amazing augmented reality game right now.

With releasing the game in the Latin America, the list of the countries where Pokemon GO is available becomes very much longer, including the whole European continent, the North and the South America, and Australia. They’re now working hard to make it more stable to accommodate Asian players soon. For now, it’s available in Hong Kong and Japan in Asia.

Do you stay in Latin America? How do you feel now after this release of Pokemon GO in your country?