Pokemon GO has been released for France

Download Pokémon GO

Yet another release in a European country! People from France are now able to download Pokemon GO officially from the respective App Stores.

Following the huge success of Pokemon GO after it’s release, it continues to dominate all the other games and apps ever released in the history of smartphones!

And again, it releases in France, following the massive release of the game in 26 European countries.

The list of countries with the availability of Pokemon GO is increasing fast! Covering up almost all the Western and European countries, this game has got million of fans playing the game every day, at any given time.

You might face a little downtime issue with the game, due to the problem of overloaded servers as millions of people play it daily, but, Niantic is doing their best and equipping themselves with more and more powerful servers to offer the least possible downtime.

You can now download the game officially from Google Play Store or the Apple’s App Store.

For people in countries where the game isn’t available yet, you can still play the game by downloading the latest Pokemon GO version apk from our site and enjoy it in your country!

Gotta catch ’em all!