Pokémon GO Is Now Available in Japan! The Biggest Release Is Here

What is Pokémon GO

Though all the western and European countries already have Pokémon GO released in their countries, the Asian continent was still deprived of this game being officially available for them.

But, today’s the first release of Pokémon GO in an Asian country – Japan.

Since Japan was the birth place to the Pokémon GO concept and the anime series, all the millions of Japanese Pokémon GO fans were crazy of the game not being available to their hometown.

But, the wait is now over. Pokémon GO is now officially available in Japan!

Here’s the latest tweet made a few moments ago by Niantic’s official Twitter account:

With that, it seems like Niantic will now start releasing the game in other Asian countries too, one by one, after they become more stable with the servers.

As of millions of more PokéFans will now start playing this game, there are chances of you being experiencing downtime due to a suddenly increased spike of traffic on their servers.

But no worries, Niantic says that it has now equipped itself with more stable, powerful and robust servers!

You can download the game officially from Google Play Store or the Apple’s App Store now.

What if you’re not from Japan and Pokémon GO isn’t released in your country?

You can still download the latest version of Pokémon GO apk and enjoy this game even though it’s not available in your country.

If you’re from Japan and have just started playing Pokémon GO, you should first go through our Pokémon GO Beginner’s Guide, where we have all listed all the use cases, tutorials and tricks a beginner would need to get started with the game.