7 Biggest Pokémon GO Myths That Are Absolutely False

Pokémon GO Myths

As Pokémon GO continues to emerge after its release, there has been a lot of controversy about the game all over the web. As a result of this controversy, we’ve a lot of Pokémon GO myths.

What gives rise to myths about Pokémons and the game is the frequent pattern spotted by Pokémon GO players and fans all over the world trying, testing and enjoying this game to this fullest.

The research from The Silph Road on the spawning of Pokémons debunks several of these myths along with statistical data and evidence to prove why they’re wrong. A summary of the research can be found here.

Pokémon GO myths that are false

  1. Thunderstorms bring Electric-type Pokémons: This is completely logicless but still, die-hard Pokémon GO fans has even tried out several stunts to catch Electric-types like Pikachu during a thunderstorm. Niantic Labs want you to stay fit and healthy, not to try absurd stunts during nature changes. Studies haven’t found any correlation between thunderstorms and appearance of Electric-type Pokémons.
  2. Eevee evolves depending on its second move type: Again, this myth got some real traction on Pokémon GO subreddit, and on being tested out by several hundreds of Pokémon GO players, it has proved to be false. Instead, there’s another Eevee evolution myth that’s proving to be true that Eevee’s evolution can be altered changing its nickname to its anime series Pokémon master.
  3. Appearances of water Pokémons is influenced by humidity and rain: According to the data collected by the research, this is completely wrong, as there’s no evidence of the appearance of water type Pokémons based on the humidity or thunderstorms or rain. Instead, research states that the appearance of Water Type Pokémons largely correlates to the distance of water bodies from you. Places like riverbanks, wetlands, canals, docks, parks with water fountains have very high correlation with the appearance of water-types while water bodies like lakes, streams and dams have a much low correlation.
  4. Ghost type Pokémons appear near/in cemeteries: This myth has got a lot of traction on Reddit and forums where players are often spotting Ghost type near cemeteries. But, this is not true. The research states exactly 0% of spawns reported the appearance of Ghost-types and cemeteries. So, there’s no correlation between cemeteries and Ghost type Pokémons. Niantic Labs has made a good choice by abstaining real life cemeteries as spawn factors of Pokémons.
  5. Farfetch’d Appears only in Japan: Not sure how this myth spread everywhere but does it really requires you to fly to Japan to catch Farfetch’d to complete the Pokédex? Really? The answer is no. This rumour has no logical base. Niantic company doesn’t want you to fly over to another country to catch a Pokémon, although Farfetch’d is rare and spotted fewer times.
  6. XL Sized Pokémons are Stronger: This myth is based on the logic that bigger sized Pokémons (XL) are stronger than the smaller sized Pokémons (XS) but it turns out that there’s no difference in strength of a Pokémon based on its size. Everything is made even for you. So, even if you have a smaller sized Pokémon, it is as powerful as its similar XL sized Pokémon.
  7. Legendary Pokémons like Mewtwo are available to catch: No. remember, Pokémon GO is still in beta. Legendary Pokémons like Mew, Mewtwo, Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno aren’t just available yet (as of v0.29.3). You should better enjoy with the one’s you find now and grow quick as soon it’ll be the time when you encounter a Mewtwo in the near future (after a stable release of Pokémon GO).


Before concluding on anything about Pokémon GO (read the Pokémon GO review), you should better try and test it multiple times, get on with your Pokémon GO crew, and if results are the same for all, it can then be considered if that phenomenon is true in Pokémon GO or not.

Know of any other common Pokémon GO myth? Open up your minds in the comments below.