Pokemon GO Latest Decoding Findings – Items That Are Hidden in the Game

Pokemon GO Latest Decodings

Awesome developers who’re Pokemon Fans in the first place always try to dig out the game APKs as new versions are released to find out something new from the source code of the game.

Though this data isn’t found out in the latest game decodings, these findings are the ones which aren’t yet talked about or known widely.

Our latest research backed article, which showed the Pokemon Spawn Rate, was done by the developers at Poke Radar; while this time, it’s from /u/cokuspocus.

So, let’s straightaway move towards the new in-game findings after the decoding which aren’t yet talked about.

Pokemon GO Latest Decoding Findings – Hidden In-Game Items which aren’t being used by the game yet

Here’s a quick overview of the item prototypes found in the game which isn’t yet used in the game, but is present; indicating that these can be for the upcoming features in the game in future.

Some interesting things in the code I haven’t seen talked about from TheSilphRoad

Latest Decoding Findings Overview

Item FoundDescription
Item_incense_coolIncense to Attract Ice or Maybe Water Type Pokemons
Item_incense_floralIncense to Attract Grass or Bug Type Pokemons
activity_catch_legend_pokemonShows That Legendary's Can Be Caught, Whether at an Event or Some Other Place
Trade_searchPerhaps, You Can Search for People Looking to Trade
Trade_offerOffer a Trade to Someone That Wants to Trade
Trade_responseWhen You Offer a Trade, They Respond with Whether or Not They Will Go through with It
Trade_resultAfter an Interaction, What Happens, Who Gets What
Item_effect_cap_chance_nightAt Night It May Be More or Less Likely to Capture Something, or Maybe Spawns Are Increased
Item_effect_cap_chance_first_throwThe First Throw You Make Can Have an Increased Chance of Capture (or Maybe Decreased)

Note: These are the predicted behaviour of the items present in the game. Although, the descriptions can’t be guaranteed to be exact as mentioned here.


  1. Trading is soon to come: Looking at the Trade_search, Trade_offer, Trade_response and Trade_result, we can be sure that Niantic has already laid the foundation of the trading system in the game from a long time. Looks like they want this feature to be better than what players have expected it to be and hence it’s taking a little longer to release. Looking at the different Trade objects, we can predict that this is going to be an “Offer Based” trading system, where you, as a player can easily search through the trade offers from the nearby players in your area, select one that you like. If the trade response is positive on both sides, there will be a replace of Pokemons as requested.
  2. Legendary Pokemons will soon be available: We’ve already heard the rumours of the Legendary Pokemons being available at some point of time in an event. Though it hasn’t happened yet, it’s predicted to take place soon. Who knows, if a Legendary like Mewtwo might sometimes spawn near you!
  3. New Incense Types that aren’t being used yet: We just know a single type of Incense, i.e. Normal Incense which is being used in the game. The traces of other incense instances like Item_incense_cool and Item_incense_flora in the game can be released in the future with a stable update to the game where you can attract either different types of Pokemons or attract Pokemons with different possibilities (walking vs non-walking or more Pokemon spawns vs less).

These were the main conclusion points out of the Decoded Analysis. There’s still something more in th game that hasn’t been recognized yet.

What’s your take on this analysis? Open up your opinions in the comments below.