Pokemon GO Gym Leaders Revealed – See How They Look!

Pokemon GO Gym Leaders Revealed

If you’ve already a Pokemon GO player, you know that you get a chance to select a team out of the 3 available in the game after you reach Level 5.

At that time of team selection, you’re told that there are 3 different teams, and 3 different leaders leading the respective teams.

As informed to you that time, Team Valor is lead by Leader Candela, Team Mystic is lead by Leader Blanche and team Instinct is lead by Leader Spark.

Though you only see a glimpse of the leaders through their silhouette appearance, you’re not able to see who exactly they are and how they look.

But, as in a recent update by Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, the appearance of the Gym Leaders of Pokemon GO have been revealed!

Pokemon GO Gym Leaders Revealed. Here’s how they look:

Pokemon GO Gym Leaders Revealed

Leaders of team Valor and Mystic, Candela and Blanche are Females and Leader of team Instinct, Spark is male.

With this, you now know who your Gym Leader exactly is and how he/she looks.

What’s more with the future updates in Pokemon GO, these Gym Leaders will actually give you timely advice on various aspects of the game, guiding and helping you on your way to becoming a Pokemon master!

So, explore the world, start collecting Pokemons, make your Pokemons stronger, battle hard and dominate the gyms along with your teammates and raise your team’s name high!

Which team are you from? Did you like the appearance of your Gym Leader? Open up your thoughts in the comments below.