Pokémon GO Data Usage Statistics: How Much Data Does Pokémon GO Use?


So, you’ve been playing this augmented reality for quite a while on your phone but are now disturbed by the amount of Internet data it uses in such a less time.

The reason behind this is:

The game is constantly in sync with the server.

What that means is, your every action, collection, increment or decrement by stats is stored on the server, with a continuous sync happening almost every second.

So, whenever you achieve a medal, visit a PokéStops and collect items, catch a Pokémon, battle a gym, collect Experience points and more, every of that action is related to increment or decrement of a statistical element by some value.


  1. When you catch a Pokémon, you throw PokéBalls, so they’re decreasing. On the other hand, if you successfully catch it, your number of Pokémons increment, adding the Pokémon you caught right now in your Pokédex.
  2. When you visit a PokéStop and collect items, all those items are added to your bag. Again, an increment of PokéBalls, Revives, Potions (whatever you get).

Each of these actions is in sync with the server, i.e. your mobile sends information about this data to the server in real-time.

And this is all done using the Internet (obviously!).

So, keeping continuously in sync with the server to give you an enhanced reality experience in-game is the reason behind the high data usage by the game.

Pokémon GO data usage statistics: How much data does Pokémon GO use?

Although, it’s high comparing to other activities on your smartphone, it isn’t very high.

On measuring the data used by the game on different phones, here’s our conclusion based on the statistics:

At the most, Pokémon GO will use 10 MB Internet data while continuously playing for an hour.

Doing some math to this, we can conclude that –

When you play Pokémon GO 7 hours a day for 15 days, you’ll be using 1 GB Internet Data at the most.

Pokémon GO Data Usage Statistics

So, this isn’t very high consumption data although it may be more than any other app you use. But, the level of processing going behind the scenes can expect more data usage than it is really using.

Thanks to Niantic’s special low data usage consumption implementation due to which you can play Pokémon GO by just using 2 GB of data by playing 7 hours a day for a month!

What are your views on this statistical data? Have you also been experiencing the same level of statistics?