Pokémon GO Battery Usage Statistics – A Major Battery Hog!

Pokémon GO Battery Usage Statistics

If you’re playing Pokémon GO for a while, you know that the app takes up a huge portion of your battery to give you an unmatchable experience of real-life gaming.

Though, you wouldn’t have measured exactly by how many percentages does your battery goes lower, how much battery does the app consumes in an hour, and the reasons why it does so.

This article will cover the reasons why it takes up so much battery, along with the real statistical data that shows how much battery does it uses per hour.

Why does Pokémon GO takes up so much battery of your smartphone?

If you’ve looked at Pokémon GO and thought about it, you see you’re standing in-game at your place where you’re standing in the real world.

This is solely possible through GPS technology and the mapping takes place through the Google Maps.

And over decades, GPS has proved to be a major battery hog.

The reason?

Your phone constantly sends data about your current position, which is then parsed by the satellite and the signal is given back to the phone which then maps your data every single second.

Along with that, the game has an Augmented Reality (AR) mode built in.

When you turn that on, the Pokémons are projected in your real-world by using your camera.

So, again, using Camera and mapping the Pokémons with it is a lot of work behind the scenes, which again consumes battery.

Also, have you noticed all the fancy and modern graphics all over the game?

That’s one of the biggest reason for usage of a large portion of your battery.

Now, as you know the reasons why the game takes up so much battery, let us come to some of the accurate statistics we’ve noticed while playing the game.

Pokémon GO statistics: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Pokémon GO battery usage statistics:

  1. On a phone with a battery of 2000 mAh, the game consumes an average of 35-40% battery per hour.
  2. On a phone with a battery of 2500 mAh, Pokémon GO consumes around 30% battery per hour.
  3. On a phone with a battery of 3000 mAh, it consumes about 20-25% battery per hour.

With this, we can conclude that Pokémon GO is a major battery hog!

But no worries, we’ve some effective tips to reduce battery usage while playing Pokémon GO.

Have you noticed a similar trend in your battery levels while playing Pokémon GO? Comment your opinions in the comments section below.