Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips: Reduce Battery Usage by Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips

Pokemon GO isn’t our average Android Game. It literally takes up every remaining part of your battery faster than you can ever imagine, as it runs on a high-accuracy GPS, a powerful gaming engine to process all those beautiful moving Pokemon graphics, and constant server interaction to make the game possible. These Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips will help you get extra juice out of your battery life.

You will obviously see some literal heavy battery usage once you start playing the game.

Pokemon GO battery statistics shows that – for an average Android smartphone, the game uses around 40% of your battery per hour!

This shows how huge the battery consumption is; though it’s for a valid reason.

Let’s have a look at some Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips to reduce the heavy battery usage by the game.

How to Reduce Battery Usage: Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips

Niantic is already aware of the high battery usage issue and provides an arsenal of powerful battery saving options that at least help you to save a few percentages of your precious smartphone battery when you’re going to play it for a longer time.

Where does all these battery saving options reside?

They’re in the Settings Menu. To go to, Tap on the Menu Icon (PokeBall) and then tap on the Settings Icon (Gear icon).

Reduce Battery Usage while Playing Pokemon GO - The Start

Let’s have a look at those nifty battery saving options in Pokemon GO.

#1 – Turn off AR mode

AR mode is the one that makes the wild Pokemons appear in the real world by using simulation through your camera and projecting the animated Pokemon right there along with the camera scene.

Though the AR mode is what makes the game different from others, playing without AR mode is fun as well. As soon as you turn off the AR mode, you’re then presented with a nice animated background which depends on the time in your place. If it’s day, you’ll see a beautiful grassland scenery in the background, while at night, a dark grass pitch.

How to turn off AR mode?

  1. When there’s a wild Pokemon in your nearby area, tap on it to capture.
  2. As soon as the wild Pokemon appears, there’s a switch on the top-right side titled AR (as shown in the picture below).Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips
  3. Slide the switch to the left to turn it off.

As you turn off the AR mode, you’ll see a drastic change in the battery consumption by the game as there’s no real life AR simulation being done now.

This is one of the most efficient ways to save battery while playing Pokemon GO.

#2 – Turn on the Game’s Battery Saver

Reduce Battery Usage while Playing Pokemon GO - 2 - Turn off Battery Saver

Niantic already knows from the beginning that the game is a massive battery hog and will hog up a lot of your battery by just playing an hour or two.

So, the game has a special “Battery Saver Mode” in the game which helps you to save battery juice for a longer time.

How does it work?

While you’re playing Pokemon GO, when you turn your phone upside down with the battery saver mode on, the phone’s brightness will become completely dark. But, the app will still be active and vibrate if there’s any new Pokemon spawning in your nearby visible area.

How to turn on Battery Saver Mode in Pokemon GO?

  1. In Map View, tap on Main Menu.
  2. At the top left, tap on Settings. 
  3. Tap on the option that says “Battery Saver“. It will get tick marked.

With this done, you can now enjoy by even placing your phone in your pocket upside down so that you won’t lose the precious battery life and can enjoy the game for a longer time as well.

#3 – Turn off the Background Music

Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips

As you play the game, there’s a nice background music going all along with you.

Since this music keeps running in the background, there’s obviously a little more battery usage than it would’ve been by the game.

So, if you are more interested in travelling and exploring the real world rather than listening to the game’s music, the better bet is to turn off the game’s music which will give a positive effect in your battery usage overall.

How to turn off Music in Pokemon GO?

  1. Open Menu (tap on Pokeball) -> go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Music, which will remove the tick mark adjoining that option.

Once that done, you’ll no more hear the game’s music and your battery life will prolong.

#4 – Turn off Sound Effects

Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips

Along with Music, there are certain special sound effects – Pokemon cries that you hear when a wild Pokemon appears.

Again, these special sound effects get executed each time you spot a Pokemon, hence using a little part of the smartphone’s battery.

As you’ll turn off the Sound Effects, you’ll notice a little change in the battery consumption by the game.

How to turn off Sound Effects in Pokemon GO?

  1. Open Menu -> Settings.
  2. Tap on Sound Effects. The tick mark will go indicating that the option is now turned off.

#5 – Turn off Vibration Mode

Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips

Every time you spot a Pokemon, your phone will vibrate a little indicating you to pay attention to the game where there’s a change.

This option goes against turning on the Battery Saver mode.

If you turn on the battery saver mode and keep the phone in your hand or pocket turned upside down, you got to get some kind of indications of spotting of a new wild Pokemon. This is done through vibration.

So, you should turn off the Vibration options only when you aren’t using the Battery Saver mode in the game.

How to turn off Vibrations in Pokemon GO?

  1. Open Menu -> Settings.
  2. Turn off the Vibration options by tapping on it.

Some Other Tips to Save Battery While Playing Pokemon GO:

We had a look at the powerful battery saving options that will help you save battery while playing Pokemon GO. Here are some other common tips that will help you grind the extra juice out of your battery:

  1. Adjusting Screen Brightness: Though you’re using the Battery Saver mode in Pokemon GO, there are times when you have the app open in your hands, trying to catch a Pokemon or two. So, you should always keep your brightness at around half so as to avoid high battery usage by the screen.
  2. Closing Apps that you’re not using: You know that several apps run in the background when you don’t discard them. The only way to closing the apps completely in Android is to long press the home button and swipe out all the running apps.
  3. Switching Bluetooth Off: Since Pokemon Plus is not out yet in the market, there’s no reason why you would want the Bluetooth mode on and let it use more battery life. Simply switching it off will lead to a major battery consumption difference.
  4. Turning Off WiFi: Wifi is another battery hog. Since you’ll be moving out from places to places, you can’t play the game on wifi and need a strong data connection. So, simply turn it off to save extra battery juice.

It’s also noticed by many players that keeping Bluetooth and Wifi on while playing the game sometimes intervenes with the game and makes it lag. So the best bet is to simply keep them turned off.

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So, these were the Battery Saving Tips for Pokemon GO to extend your battery life for a longer period of time. There are some other tweaks as well with which you can extend your battery’s life for a little longer period, but we would recommend you to first try out these, and then go for something else.

Did you notice a difference after applying these Pokemon GO battery saving tips? Comment your opinions below.