Parasect Can Defeat Vaporeon in Gyms Easily!

parasect vs vaporeon

You know it. Vaporeons are one of the most common sightings at the top of the Gyms everywhere dominating them.

And there are reasons for that:

  1. Vaporeon has 100% chances of having Water Gun, which is the best Water-type quick attack move and is very fast as well.
  2. Also, it has 66% chances of having Hydro Pump, the most powerful water type attack.
  3. And overall, you have a lot of chances of finding a high CP Eevee with perfect IVs that can evolve into a super-powerful Vaporeon.

Also, Eevee’s are not very rare as compared to other powerful Pokemons like Dratini, Exeggecute, Bulbasaur, Charmander and others. And Vaporeons are the most powerful amongst all the Eeveelutions.

To defeat them, you’ve many powerful options like Venusaur, Victreebell, Exeggute, Raichu and other Grass and Electric type Pokemons. But, one of the most underrated Pokemon against Vaporeon is Parasect, the evolution of Paras.

Though in the game, you find comparatively low CP Paras in the wild that evolves into not-very-high CP Parasects, it still has potential to defeat powerful Vaporeons dominating the Gyms.

It’s perfect moveset that can take down Vaporeons easily is – Bug Bite and Solar Beam. This moveset can also help you easily defeat Psychic type Pokemons like Hypno easily as well.

As you know, Solar Beam has a Power of 120, the highest possible for a move in the game, and can deal a significant amount of damage to Vaporeons in a single move. Bug Bite is not super effective against Water-types, though it still does normal amount of damage to it.

Here’s a quick video recording of a battle done by Vape Slayer, who’s battling a 1033 CP Parasect against a 1924 CP Vaporeon and wins it with the moveset Bug Bite and Solar Beam (his Parasect has 66% IV rating):

A few things to know before you battle Parasect against Vaporeon:

  1. Parasect is weak in the game, so, you’ll need to dodge almost all the Vaporeon’s moves effectively to not let him faint before it defeats that opposing Vaporeon.
  2. Cross Poison move for Parasect sucks. Never battle that Parasect with any Vaporeons in the Gyms, as you’ll easily get defeated.

What are your views about having Parasect against Vaporeon for Gym Battles? Have you ever tried it? Let us know in the comments below.