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Safety Tips while playing Pokemon GO

30+ Amazing Tips and Advice from a Level 30 Player

General advice Have fun. If this game becomes a chore or a job, stop playing it. There will be situations where you look like a dork playing Pokemon on your phone. That is fine. ...
Egg Hatching Pokemon GO

A Quick Trick to Skip Egg Animations

At times it happens that you encounter some rare Pokemon in the wild and at the same time, the egg hatching screen pop-ups, takes heck a lot of time to complete that animation, and...
Region Specific Pokemons in Pokemon GO

This Is How It Feels as a $0.00 Player in Pokemon GO

A Reddit user, /u/FoolTarot, describes very well about how you should feel as a $0.00 when you're playing this phenomenal game without spending a single dime on the in-app purchases. Here's what he says: The recent...
Egg Hatching Pokemon GO

A Nifty Trick to Improve Egg Distance Tracking

There are times at which when the game isn't able to connect properly in real time with the servers and the Egg Distance counts slog behind by a higher margin number. So, to get accurate Egg...
Best Gym Attacker Pokemons Featured

Best Gym Attacker Pokemons in Pokemon GO per Moveset

Our recent List of the Best Gym Defender Pokemons listed out the best Pokemons with particular movesets that can be the best placements in a Gym for Defending it. In a similar pattern, here's the list of the best...

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