A Quick Guide to IV’s in Pokemon GO

IV in Pokemon GO

One of the things that are taking up over forums and Reddit is – What are IV’s in Pokemon GO?

So, let’s directly get into it:

What is IV in Pokemon GO?

IV stands for Individual Values. It’s a collection of statistics of Pokemons in Pokemon GO that defines certain characteristics like power and strength of your captured Pokemon.

So, what exact statistics does the IV includes?

IV basically contains – Stamina, Attack, Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense statistics of your Pokemon.

Each Pokemon that you see wild and hatch in Pokemon GO is completely unique in terms of these statistical numbers. Also, you might have noticed the same Pokemons having different moves in the game. That’s the reason why the game feels like a real-life adventure.

Just like no two human fingerprints are same, this also holds true in the world of Pokemons on the same lines.

Each distinct species of Pokemon has different values of base stats for attack, defence and stamina in the game.

All these base statistics are collectively called as IV’s meaning Individual Values.

IV’s are on a range of 0-15 for each Pokemon. The more, the better.

What is the Importance of IV’s in Pokemon GO?

IVs does not hold a very special place in determining the strength and ability of a Pokemon in the game but can make up to a 10% difference in performance.

  • Better stamina stands for better speed. The higher the stamina does your Pokemon have, the faster will it attack during gym battles.
  • Better attack means more power. As high as the attack stats of your Pokemon is on a scale of 0-15, your Pokemon will attack with more strength having a larger impact on the opponents Pokemons in the gym.
  • Better defence will lead to higher attack resistance. Higher defence of your Pokemon will have better resistance to attacks, and less damage on counter moves from opponent’s Pokemons during gym battles.

How can I know the IV of my Pokemons?

Individual Values, IV’s are not publicly visible to you in Pokemon GO. But the stamina can be determined, and the combined attack+defense can be known. Here’s a nifty tool by The Silph Road that gives the information.


IV’s are surely a hidden stats that works in the backend for the successful functioning of the game, to give the game a realistic adventurous outcome.

What are your opinions on IV’s in Pokemon GO? Should they be made publicly available to see?