A Nifty Trick to Improve Egg Distance Tracking

Egg Hatching Pokemon GO

There are times at which when the game isn’t able to connect properly in real time with the servers and the Egg Distance counts slog behind by a higher margin number.

So, to get accurate Egg Distance Tracking, here are the quick steps:

  1. Open Menu (tap on Pokeball icon).
  2. Open the Journal.

How Opening the Journal can bring in the Accurate Egg Hatching Distance?

Journal in the game notifies you about the latest happenings in your adventure; i.e. the time you caught a new Pokemon, visited a Pokestop, etc. So, whenever you open a Journal, it sends a request to the server to fetch in the new, real-time updated data.

So, when you open your Journal, the app requests the complete data of the player to the server, which even contains the Egg Hatching Data, and hence, the Egg Hatching Distance left is now updated!

How often do you need to open the Journal?

Though there’s no such hard and fast rule, if you’re on a special walking journey, you should do it everytime after 10-15 minutes so as to fetch in the accurate distance from the server.

If you’re simply catching Pokemon around in the wild and visiting some PokeStops, you can do it after 25-30 minutes.

It all depends on your preferences.

This was discovered by a Reddit user Isantum, so full credits to him! Here’s the original reddit thread:

Use Your Journal To Improve Egg Distances from TheSilphRoad

Did you try this out on your side, this trick works for us!

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