How to turn off AR mode in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go AR Switch

AR (Augmented Reality) mode makes you feel like the Pokemons have entered our world.

Though the AR mode seems fancy, looks cool and gives you a real-life Pokemon adventure experience, there are certain glitches and problems while using the AR mode.

Disadvantages of having AR mode on in Pokemon GO

Talking about disadvantages of having AR mode on, here are the cons:

  • It results in more battery usage.
  • It becomes harder to catch a Pokemon.
  • The game becomes a little laggy.
  • A Pokemon might not be seen due to colour blending with the background.

These are the main disadvantages of having the AR mode turned on. There are many other smaller problems that can occasionally occur with the AR mode since this technology is still new and is under development.

So, the best bet is to turn off the AR Mode.

Steps to turn off AR mode in Pokemon GO:

  1. Encounter a Pokemon in the wild and tap on it to capture.
  2. On the screen to capture the Pokemons, there’s a switch on the top-right of the screen called AR.Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips
  3. Turn the switch off to turn off AR mode in Pokemon GO.

What happens after you turn off AR mode in Pokemon GO?

After you turn off the AR mode, the simulation of the Pokemon in the real world through your camera is turned off and you see an animated grassland background with the Pokemon on it in a 3D interface.

The colour of the grassland background then depends on the time of where you stay. If it’s daylight, you’ll see a green grassland, while in the night, you’ll see a dark grassland depicting night.

Pokemon Go AR Switch

So, after you turn off the AR mode, all the disadvantages of the AR mode go and you’ve a longer battery life, fewer game lags and it becomes easier for you to catch Pokemons as the Pokemon is clearly seen over the animated grassland background.

Have you tried turning off the AR mode in Pokemon GO? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.