How to throw Pokeballs properly in Pokemon GO: 5 Cool Tips

How to throw Pokeballs properly in Pokemon GO

After you’re done playing Pokemon GO for a while, you’re tired with even the 10 CP Pokemons escaping from your throws. This leads to the often asked question, “How to Throw Pokeballs Properly in Pokemon GO?

Pokeballs are your prime means of catching a normal Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Though you’ve the Great Balls and the Ultra Balls present in the game, they’re to be used only on rare occasions, when you spot a rare Pokemon or a higher CP Pokemon which you got to catch.

So, before learning to throw Pokeballs properly, you need to know the sequence of occasions that you go through while catching a Pokemon.

It is:

  1. Spotting a Pokemon
  2. Tapping on and confronting the Pokemon
  3. Trying to catch it and include in your team

In the Pokemon world, though they’re called monsters, they’re depicted as animals; living beings that have special powers. So, the point worth noting here is – Pokemons, just like other living beings are against getting captured by someone else.

This gives rise to the theory and application of Pokemon dodging.

Pokemon Dodging is the #1 reason why most people fail to have efficiency in catching Pokemons. Even though you throw it properly, your timings may be wrong due to which you’re unable to catch it, and the Pokemon easily dodges you and runs away!

So, here are some nifty tips to throw Pokeballs properly, and increase your Pokemon capturing rate.

How to throw Pokeballs properly in Pokemon GO – 5 Amazing Tips

#1 – Avoid using your thumb to throw Pokeballs

Out of all the fingers of your hand (the thumb included), the thumb is the only one that would have the least accuracy or no accuracy at all in holding and throwing your Pokeballs.

At times when you try to do it with your thumb, you would notice that the direction the Pokeball goes isn’t the one you wished to throw it to.

So, the best bet to improve your accuracy of throwing Pokeballs in the first place is – Don’t use your thumb to throw Pokeballs.

The fix to this?

Use your index finger instead of your thumb to throw Pokeballs.

How to throw Pokeballs properly in Pokemon GO

Your index finger would have the highest accuracy and will almost go to the exact place where you wished to throw it to.

It’s very easy to slide your Index finger up and down, to hold and throw the Pokeball because your right hand will not be holding your smartphone.

When you’re using your thumb to throw the Pokeball, your whole hand is holding the phone and it throws kind of a curveball which is not effective at times.

#2 – Avoid Pokemon Dodges

As I explained before, the Pokemon dodges are the #1 reason why most players aren’t able to catch their Pokemons. And this correlated very well to the factor of “timing“.

If you time your Pokeball throw well, you can assure yourself that the Pokemon dodges will have no effect on your Pokeball throwing accuracy and your catching rate.

How to avoid dodges well?

The key to this is having patience.

Here’s a step by step procedure you should follow to assure that you don’t fall prey to the Pokemon dodges all the time (especially those Magikarp flips, and Zubat fly).

  1. On encountering the Pokemon, tap on it to enter the Capture arena.
  2. Wait patiently for a few seconds until the Pokemon tries to dodge for the first time. Till then get ready for your throw.
  3. As soon as the dodging animation gets over followed by a small pause, instantly throw your Pokeball on the Pokemon.

As you go on doing this and master this art, you’ll no longer get frustrated on Pokemons escaping due to those Pokemon dodges.

#3 – Always centre the Pokemon on the screen

If you’ve the AR mode on, Pokemons can appear in any corner of the screen as you encounter it.

To make sure that your accuracy is better and the throw goes good, try moving your phone so that the Pokemon is then in the centre position.

As it is now there at the centre, simply throw the Pokeball exactly straight right onto the Pokemon.

This is easy and brings in good results. Trying this thing only will help you to improve your Pokemon catching rates by a higher margin.

Though, this can be made easier by turning off the AR mode. When the AR mode is turned off, the Pokemon is by default placed at the centre of the screen. So no more worries of losing accuracy throwing at sides.

#4 – Throw your Pokeball from the top

If you’ve watched enough of the Pokemon anime series, you know that humans always have the height greater than most of the Pokemons and one always throws the ball from the lower edge levelling up to your upper arm i.e. one generally throws Pokeball from up to down.

How to throw Pokeballs properly in Pokemon GO

However, this is not the case in the game.

In Pokemon GO, looking from a 3D perspective, the ball is at the bottom of the screen from where you got to throw a mountain curve to make the Pokeball reach Pokemon.

Instead, taking your Pokeball to a certain height first and then throwing it towards downwards makes the throwing process a lot easier!

How to throw Pokeballs properly in Pokemon GO

How this matters is – It always takes you less power and angle assumption to throw Pokeballs from top to bottom as compared to the throw going to the top and again coming down.

#5 – Targeting the circle well

Whenever you throw a Pokeball, you’ll see a white ring over the area covered by the Pokemon and if your Pokeball throws touches inside the white ring, the Pokemon gets captured.

So, the white ring is the estimation of the exact area covered by the ring.

Knowing and estimating this is very important, as this will improve your Pokeball throws’ accuracy as well as your chances of catching the Pokemon.

So, as you have a look at the Pokemon for the first time, estimate the area of the white ring and simply try your best to throw inside that white ring. Forget about those nice, curveball, great or excellent XP Bonus for now, and focus on throwing it properly. You can then eventually move on to grabbing on the extra bonuses after you gain expertise in throwing the Pokeballs.


Throwing Pokeballs can be a tedious task when you’re just starting out. As you’ll try out these tips mentioned above, you’ll surely increase your successful Pokeball throw rate and eventually, increase your Pokemon capture rate. Happy catching ’em all!

Have your own experiences after following these tips? Share them in the comments below!