2 Amazing Ways to Play Pokémon GO on PC

Play Pokémon GO on PC

Pokémon GO is for exploring the real world of Pokémons. But for people who can’t go out and enjoy this augmented reality, how can they play Pokémon GO on PC?

This is the question I’ve been asked a lot of times from people who can’t actually go all the day out and play Pokémon GO for certain reasons.

Although the main purpose of the augmented reality is having a real-world Pokémon adventure which is not satisfied by playing it from PC, but one can still enjoy those amazing graphics and real-world Pokémon adventure.

So, whatever may be the reason you can’t go out of your house or are tired of walking miles to catch Pokémons, trying out playing Pokémon GO from PC is surely a fun.

A Note before you Play Pokémon GO on PC

It’s worth noting that the Pokémon GO developers – the Nintendo company, doesn’t promote or encourages to play Pokémon GO from PC and playing Pokémon GO on PC is against their Terms of Service. So, you should try it out at your own risk. You may face a ban from the game (very rare cases).

That said, this warning is not to scare you but to only let you know about the game’s terms.

So, let’s start with the 2 Amazing Ways with which you can play Pokémon GO on PC.

How to Play Pokémon GO on PC – 2 Amazing Ways

Let me first start by covering both the methods in short about what they are and what are their requirements, so that you can decide in the start itself about which method you want to go with.

Method 1: This is the easiest method you’ll have to play Pokémon GO on PC. It involves the use of a pre-developed emulator for your Windows PC that comes with preinstalled Pokémon game in it. All you’re needed is to install, launch it and enjoy!

Method 2: This one’s for geeks, the original method for the native implementation of Pokémon GO on your PC. Discovered by a Youtuber, it’s preferred, but involves downloading and installation of too many Softwares, create the required environment and then play Pokémon GO on PC. This is only possible if you’re a geek; else, you should better go for Method 1.

Method 1: Using Nox App Player to play Pokémon GO on PC

The guys from Bignox have developed a great emulator called “Nox App Player” which is now compatible with Pokémon GO for your to play on PC.

What’s better is, they’re also providing a pre-packaged software installation that already contains the Pokémon GO app installed so that you don’t have to go to find and download the latest and unaffected version of Pokémon GO and then start playing.

Where Nox App Player shines is – it has special features that will make you feel the game like a real Pokémon adventure:

  1. Augmented Reality Mode: Since Pokémon GO is a complete augmented reality concept based game, you can’t experience the real world Pokémon adventure feeling from your PC. But, Nox App Player takes good care of this problem and has introduced an “AR” mode (Augmented Reality) due to which you’ll feel the same as playing it on your smartphone!
  2. Virtual Location: Nox App Player for Pokémon GO has a special Virtual Location feature. This means, sitting right from your PC, you can have your digital (in-game) character move to any part of the world and enjoy discovering new Pokémons in that area! This is by far the best feature you’ll ever want!
  3. Special Keyboard Controls: To make you feel like a gaming champ, Nox App Player for Pokémon GO has support for W, A, S and D keys instead of the normal top, bottom, right, left arrows. And if that keyword control hint is disturbing you, you can simply turn it off by on the Keyboard Control button in the sidebar, clicking on Save and turning off transparency to zero.

Steps to play Pokémon GO on PC using Nox App Player:

  1. Download and install Nox App Player packaged with Pokémon GO from here.
  2. Launch the Nox App Player, click on the Pokémon GO App icon and start the game.
  3. Log-in to your Google Account, and start playing Pokémon GO on PC!

So, even if you can play with Pokémon GO from your smartphone and discover the real world, you should still try playing it once from PC launching it from the Nox App Player. The level of enjoyment stays the same!

(Click on the image to zoom in. Image Credit: Bignox Blog)

Note: If you already have Nox App Player installed on your PC, download Pokémon GO APK for Nox App Player from here.

Method 2: Native Implementation of Pokémon GO by using a number of dependencies

This method was discovered by a Youtuber Travis D, which is then found to be successfully working as confirmed by several people.

Requirements for the implementation:

  1. Bluestacks Android Emulator; even Bluestacks alternatives would work. (Download Link)
  2. KingRoot software – to root Bluestacks. (Download Link)
  3. Lucky Patcher – to modify app permissions. (Download Link)
  4. FakeGPS – to spoof your location. (Download Link)
  5. Pokémon GO apk. (Download Link)

Don’t directly start installing these Softwares, download them, and keep it in the same folder, so as to find it easily later.

If you like to watch video instead of reading text tutorial, watch the original tutorial by Travis:

Now, once you’re done with downloading those Softwares, follow these steps.

Steps to play Pokémon GO on PC by native implementation:

  1. Install Bluestacks (or it’s alternative) and launch it.
  2. Install KingoRoot in Bluestacks.
  3. Open KingoRoot, click on Try it -> Fix now.
  4. On seeing Security Index, click on Optimize Now.
  5. Restart Bluestacks by clicking on the Settings icon on the top bar and click on Restart Android Plugin.
  6. Copy FakeGPS folder to Bluestacks by clicking on the folder icon (left sidebar) in Bluestacks and selecting the FakeGPS folder.
  7. Install and Run Lucky Patcher.
  8. Go to Rebuild & Install in the bottom right of the Lucky Patcher app.
  9. Navigate to the sdcard ->Windows -> BstSharedFolder.
  10. Select the FakeGPS APK file and click on “Install as a System App“. Then click on Yes to install.
  11. Restart Bluestacks (Step 5).
  12. Install the Pokémon GO app in Bluestacks.
  13. In Bluestacks main screen, click on the Settings icon (top bar), click on Settings -> Location and set the mode to High accuracy.
  14. Minimize Bluestacks, come back to Windows Desktop, open Settings App (Windows+I) -> Privacy -> Location and change the device Location to Off.
  15. Maximize Bluestacks, open Lucky Patcher and launch FakeGPS from the Lucky Patcher (use filters to search for the app).
  16. Read the FakeGPS app instructions, and discard the instruction screen by clicking OK.
  17. Click on the Settings Menu (three dotted buttons) on the top right, check Expert Mode.
  18. From the FakeGPS map, select your preferred location (this will be your Pokémon GO location) and click on the orange Play Button to start the fake location.
  19. Come out of the Lucky Patcher App, launch and start Pokémon GO app.

(Click on an image to zoom in. Image Credit: makeuseof)

This is a long list of steps required to play Pokémon GO on PC using Bluestacks. If you need any help with the steps, you can simply watch the video embedded above or comment it below.

Final Words

As a Pokémon GO fan myself (here’s our Pokémon GO review), it feels better playing Pokémon GO from PC instead of going out in the real world sometimes; which also gives you some rest, and lets you enjoy Pokémon GO from your PC giving you a Gaming experience.

Personally, I prefer using Nox App Player to play Pokémon GO on PC rather than going through the hassle of complex native implementation through Bluestacks.

What are your thoughts on playing Pokémon GO on PC? Have you tried it out yet?