How to Hold 10 Gyms Each Day – A Different Way of Thinking About Perfection, Movesets and Powering up Pokemon


Here’s How to Hold 10 Gyms Each Day and collect the maximum possible amount of Pokecoins daily and upgrade storage or buy in-game items –

Firstly, a quick caveat – for some people in some areas, this will be impossible due to traffic. This guide mostly applies to people who do not live in such high traffic areas (although the rest of the points still apply).

I will split this guide into 3 parts: Gyms, Defenders and Attackers. This guide is a very different view compared to theory crafted ‘best Pokemon’ etc. This is a pragmatic guide, and will look at how things actually work in the real world.


Some of you will probably already know this. Holding 10 gyms every day requires you to train smart, not hard. You don’t need 10 x 3K+ Dragonites to hold down 10 gyms. What you need is to find those hidden gems, those little gyms that are away from main roads, those gyms that are in areas of poor cell phone reception, away from parking, ones that require you to walk to. A good gym like this is worth its weight in pPokecoins.

Low level gyms, and defeating enemy gyms, should only be used to top up your coins every day if you don’t yet have 10 long term holds. Once you have 10 x long-term holds, you basically enter maintenance mode, which is simply replacing a Pokemon when one gets kicked out. There are two ways this can happen:

  • Gym power creep. Some other team knocks off a couple of levels, someone from your team prestige it and puts in a higher Pokemon. Over time, you move from the high rungs of the gym to the bottom, until you get booted. The solution to this is to power up your own Pokemon once it gets booted and put it back in the gym (when an enemy team knocks it down a tier) and keep the cycle going. Alternatively, you can find another gym that has not yet reached this stage (i.e. level 7+ gyms in your area that you can prestige up).
  • The gym gets completely destroyed. You have two choices, you can rebuild it from scratch. This is usually viable, as the other members of the long-term gym will often also return, as they know it is worth the investment. When this happens several times, the gym usually becomes safer from attack, as the attackers spent a lot of time and resources to destroy a level 10 gym, only to have it rebuilt in a few days.

With this line of thinking, there is essentially NO reason to knock down enemy gyms, other than any enjoyment you derive from doing so. This is essentially a co-operative world approach. Don’t get greedy with having a stake on more than 10 gyms, and there are more gyms available for other people, so fewer people attacking your own gyms.


For defenders, the ONLY thing that matters is CP. Literally. Your absolute best bet at staying in a gym is being the top rung of a level 10 gym. It doesn’t matter what type your Pokemon is. It doesn’t matter what moves it has. All that matters is that it is at the top. The only way a 2300 CP Pokemon is getting kicked out is if the entire gym gets taken. And if you’ve followed my steps from above, you will have most likely already scouted gyms where this is unlikely to be an issue.

This leads to a few important conclusions.

  • IVs matter – a LOT. They increase the ceiling of the CP for the defenders.
  • You should always keep defenders as powered up as possible (provided the IVs are good)
  • Movesets DO NOT MATTER.

I have a 2000CP Machamp which has been sitting on a gym for weeks. He is one of the most useless Pokemon I have, but his high CP put him on the second rung of the level 10 gym when I prestige it. I think he is down to about 3rd from the bottom now, but he has done his job.

Also, I have a 14/14/13 Gyarados with Twister. Twister sucks, but due to his high IVs, he is worth powering up to the max so he remains at the top levels of any gym I put him in.


Another quick caveat – for this section, I am viewing attackers predominantly for the purposes of practicing your own gyms, as this is the best way of claiming 10 defender bonus every day.

Attackers, are basically the opposite to defenders. While defenders are heavily incentivised to have high CP, attackers are penalised for it. If you are training up a friendly gym, you want to use the lowest CP attackers possible that get the job done. So, this leads to a very different set of conclusions for attackers:

  • Typing and movesets are ALL that matters
  • IVs DO NOT MATTER as you don’t plan on powering up any of your attackers anyway

So what does this mean? For species like Jolteon and Wigglytuff for example, you don’t care about IVs. These are never going to have high enough CPs to be defenders, but they are fantastic attackers (against certain pokemon). You could argue that the attack IV is important, but that also raises the CP and lowers the prestige gain, so this is debateable.

Shorter version of the whole theory

– Find hidden gems in low traffic areas that you can prestige to level 10
– Don’t bother attacking enemy gyms in established areas
– Don’t get greedy

– CP is all that matters
– Hence, IVs matter
– Moves do not matter
– Typing does not matter
– Keep defenders always powered up to max to stay at top rungs of high-level gyms

– Typing and movesets are all that matters
– IVs do not matter
– Do not power up attackers

Obviously, people want to play the game for different reasons. This guide is PURELY intended on being the most efficient way of maxing out your 10 defender bonus each day.

What are your thoughts on this? Did this help you in maxing out on Pokecoins?

(by /u/thebeefmachine published on TheSilphRoad)