How Speed Modifier Calculation Can Make Pokemon GO Much Better

How a Speed Modifier can make Pokemon GO Better

When it comes to the Pokemons to use in Gym Battles, the game has been very uneven, giving very high stats to Snorlax, Exeggutor and some other Pokemons which never made the debut to the list of the best Pokemons in the former Pokemon Gameboy or Nintendo Games due to some of their important weaknesses.

Rather, other Pokemons like Alakazam, Gengar and others, who’re considered to be some of the most powerful and daunting attackers who can slam down some of the biggest Pokemons so quickly, lost their glory in Pokemon GO with a very low CP, HP and other base stats.

To recover this, and make this game more balanced towards all the Pokemons you catch, Nick from Trainer Tips invented a new stat called Speed Modifier (video embedded below) which goes deep into Math using the Speed of the Pokemon to rework on the stats and improve the Pokemon stats Balance.

After introducing the Speed Modifier, there can be a great change in how powerful a Pokemon is overall which downranks some of the slowest Pokemon like Snorlax to make the game more enjoyable and even.

Dragonite and Lapras are still on the top, due to their overall high stats, but other powerful Pokemons like Alakazam, Gengar, Raichu, Jolteon, Rapidash, Pidgeot, etc significantly improve their rankings in the list, which can be the first step towards a better game.

What is Speed Modifier Math and how does it make the game better?

The Base Attack stats of a Pokemon is calculated by – 2*(ATK^0.5 * SP.ATK^0.5 + Speed^0.5). The same way, Base Defense stats are calculated by replacing Attack and Special Attack from the above formula with Defense and Special Defense stats.

As you can see here, Speed’s role in determining the Base Attack and Defence is very negligible. While in the original Gameboy games, Speed did play an important role, and it does logically as well.

So, the Speed Modifier aims at giving the Speed stats, some justice in the calculation. Since Base Attack and Base Defense are already calculated values, Nick thought it won’t be efficient to modify those values. Hence, this Speed Modifier is instead a multiplier to the original base Attack and base Defence values calculated from above formula.

How is Speed Modifier calculated?

Here’s the formula for the Speed Modifier:

Speed Modifier = √Speed/70

The division is done by 70 because the average speed stat of a Pokemon is 68.3 which rounded up to make further calculations easier.

It’s all explained very well in this video:


Niantic should really consider adding this “Speed Modifier” into the game to stop the domination of the some of the very common Pokemons like Vaporeon which sometimes, even outrank Pokemons like Jolteon of Higher CP with Super Effective moves…

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