How Pokémon Spawning Works in Pokémon GO: Study Unveiled

How Pokémon Spawn Works in Pokémon GO - Research Unveiled

As a recent major study by The Silph Road, they took hundreds of factors into consideration, tens of places and all the Pokémon types to find out what type of Pokémons are found where, what data do they co-relate to, and the reasons why a specific species of Pokémons appear at specific places.

Let’s reveal and have some conclusions based on their research.

Pokémon GO Study Unveiled

First of all, big thanks to The Silph Road Research group for all the hard work they did to unveil the mystery of which Pokémon appear where and why.

We’ll go into it step-by-step finally concluding the major takeaways from this research.

Factors Taken into Consideration for the Research:

  • 2600+ Sightings
  • App version – v0.27
  • Pokémon Types – 17 (All except dark type Pokémons)

The Result of Research

How Pokémon Spawn Works in Pokémon GO - Research Unveiled

  1. Climate plays a major role in attracting specific types of Pokémons in Pokémon GO. Prior to v0.27, a major evidence is found pointing towards the fact that water type Pokémons were highly influenced by climate. For now, they’ve a large evidence related to Climate-based Pokémon spawning in Pokémon GO.
  2. According to the research, Ground, Rock, Fire & Fighting Type Pokémons have extreme correlations with Temperature, Humidity, Cloud Cover, Clear Weather and Wind. Although these factors are not necessarily causing Pokémon spawns, only correlating with them, but it’s safe to confirm from these correlations that deserts and other dry climates are now seeing different Pokémons than the cooler humid weather counterparts on a large scale. Also, they’ve anecdotal evidence that this is the case from other researches all around the world.
  3. Local Terrain affects spotting of Pokémons too. Not just large regions and climates are affecting the Pokémon spawns, even the features in your neighbourhood terrain will change which Pokémon you encounter. The strongest example of this which they were able to statistically with 95% confidence is with water type Pokémons. Water types are found to be strongly correlating with riverbanks, wetlands, saltwater beaches, canals, docks and parks with water features like pawns and river banks were by far the most strongly correlated while lakes, streams and dams were weaker.
  4. One popular idea amongst Pokémon GO players was, rain or thunderstorm affects appearances of water Pokémons. But, as per the research data, it didn’t find any correlations between rain and appearance of water Pokémons. Another myth amongst Pokémon GO players is that the ghost type Pokémons spawn in cemeteries. But, research doesn’t finds any correlation between cemeteries and Ghost type Pokémons.


Summing up everything in short, we’ve the following conclusions:

  1. Large terrains, local climate and points of interests are the factors that play a large influence in the appearance of a Pokémon or a Pokémon type.
  2. Rock, Ground, Fighting and Fire types are commonly seen in dry, desert climates.
  3. Grass and Bug are seen frequently in grasslands and forests.
  4. Water type Pokémons often spawn in coastal regions.

What key takeaway did you notice while playing Pokémon GO? Let us know in the comments below!