6 Essential Accessories for Pokémon GO Adventure

Pokémon GO Adventure Accessories

You’re a Pokémon Fanatic. You dream to become a Pokémon master. And, you’ll soon be one.

But, the catch here is, since Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game, you need to travel in real-life to continue with your Pokémon GO adventure, and you know that very well, right?

Just like you, we too are real Poké Fanatics aiming at becoming Masters ourselves and also help you to reach that level along with ourselves.

A Pokémon journey is a tough one.

What I mean by tough is, Pokémons don’t check places and spawn, spawning works through an automatic algorithm.

So, if you live in a region that where certain types of Pokémons don’t spawn, your journey stays incomplete.

For this, you would need travel at least a little far from your house, watch out at different places for different types of Pokémons, and then capture and train them.

And for travelling a little far and wide, you will need some accessories for your Pokémon GO adventure.

Here’s our top picks of accessories that we’ve used every time for a successful Pokémon GO adventure, which you would need if you want to set out on a Pokémon GO adventure.

6 Must Have Accessories for Pokémon GO adventure

#1 – A Lightweight Bag

This is one of most essential, yet often overlooked accessory when you’re set out on a Pokémon GO adventure. Starting your adventure accessory list with a lightweight bag to carry is one of the best starts we’ve experienced while setting out on a Pokémon GO adventure.

Carrying heavy bags will make you tired soon and you can miss out on some opportunities lying nearby you.

Choosing a lightweight bag which is comfortable to wear for hours at a time, will let you explore and enjoy the real Pokémon GO adventure.

When it comes to portable and lightweight bags, our first choice is – Chrome Unisex Mini Buran.

There are several reasons why we choose this bag as our preferred choice while setting out on a Poké Journey:

  1. It has EVA foam-padded shoulder strap with cross chest load stabiliser for increased ride ability. This makes it the best choice when you’re up on a ride or on an adventure.
  2. Clean, smooth and sleek black design and the imported material cloth. Feels awesome when you wear it!
  3. Buckle closure. For some reasons, I hate bad with chains on an adventure because of the fear of it getting broken.
  4. Elegant sized. Not very small, not large as well. Medium sized, for a person with average human height; fits very well.
  5. Reflective straps for night visibility. Your Pokémon adventure should not be limited to daylight, right? This helps us hunt out for Pokémons in the night sometimes as well.

These are some of the main reasons why we generally prefer the Chrome Unisex Mini Buran as our go-to choice for packing up for a Poké Journey. And I recommend you to use this as well. Your experience would say it all!

Price – $140

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#2 – A Power Bank

This one’s the most essential of all.

When you’re on a Pokémon Adventure, you know that your phone battery is going to get gulped up very soon since this app is a major battery hog as it relies on constant accurate GPS and strong Internet.

So, you would obviously need to get your phone charged along while you travel, play and look out for Pokémons.

Your died out phone battery will only result in you giving up the adventure and get your phone’s battery charged first.

So, as to keep your phone’s battery charge level high all the time, you would need a Power Bank.

Most of us may know what a Power Bank is, but for those who don’t, it’s a special case (hard disk like thing) that stores electric charge for your smartphones to be recharged whenever required.

Our preferred Power Bank is the Anker 20,000 mAh Portable Charger, which is an all-in-one charger for your Android as well as iPhones.

Here are some reasons why it is our preferred choice:

  1. 20,000 mAh is a lot of charge capacity that it stores. So, it makes sure we don’t run out of battery at critical times.
  2. It comes with a special Fast Charging Technology that delivers the fastest possible recharge to your smartphone.
  3. It’s a powerhouse of storage which balances its weight well with its price. Not too heavy, and affordable.

Price – $42.99

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#3 – Weather Protection

You should very well take care of yourself when you’re out on an adventure, or then starts all the disorders, diseases, and problems which will hold you on from completing your adventure.

To make sure you’re ready to face the weather of your country, you should all the specific requirements.

If it’s raining in your country, get yourself equipped with a pretty raincoat, gumboots, and water-type Pokémons 😉

If it’s winter, time for wearing some thick woollen clothes so that you can still explore the world even though there’s chilling wind breeze or snowfall!

If it’s summer, you got to be ready for all the sweats you’ll experience due to burning sun, also, make sure that you have some sort of sunscreen lotion on your face to protect your skin from the effects of the sun. Our preferred sunscreen is Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock Lotion.

#4 – Essential Snacks & Drinks

If you want your Pokémon adventure to last long, you got to support your body by feeding in some food and water along with you all the times, so that whenever you feel hungry or dehydrated, you can have that.

When we’re on a journey, we always have our favourite energetic juice drinks with us, along with reusable water bottle filled with water, so we can have whichever drink will like.

For periodic snacks, we’ve some fruits, nuts and energy bars with us so that we don’t feel hungry often and can concentrate on catching good Pokémons!

#5 – A Fitness Tracker

Whether you’re on a short or a long Pokémon journey, you’ll definitely want to keep a log of your activities, health status and more.

A Fitbit flex is a great fit for this purpose.

It’s super slim, comfortable and easy to wear and moreover, it tracks and syncs your statistics to over 150+ smartphones and your computer.

What makes this better is, you can use this as your personal alarm, track the steps you walked, the quality of sleep you had, calories you burned, for how many minutes were you active and more.

As and when we set ourselves out for a Pokémon Adventure, we make sure that we have this band with ourselves that keeps a record of all the health statistics.

This is also one of the essential tools we always have on your Poké Adventure!

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#6 – Camping Tents for Long Time Adventure

If you’re especially going out for a day or two, you’ll need to find a place to camp somewhere, sleep and get ready for the next day.

For this purpose, you’ll need special camping tents for long time adventure that aren’t big, but cozy and lets you sleep in peace!

Our preferred choice is the Stansport Adventure Backpackers Dome Tent that’s easy to set up, not very heavy and ideal for all the seasons for backpacking campouts.

Also, it’s portability and security measures are ideal for your long-time journey.

This way, you can go out for long days and nights for your hunt of Pokémons all around your way and explore this beautiful world!

Price – $26.81

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Winding it up

So, these are the 6 essential accessories for Pokémon GO adventure that we always have with ourselves when we’re on a journey, and you should too.

If you’re on a single day, you should avoid taking tents with you as they’ll be of no use to you then.

For keeping yourselves entertained throughout the adventure and at times when there are no Pokémons around you, you can also have a headphone or your preferred entertainment tool with you.

What are some other essential gears and accessories that you have on your Pokémon adventure? Share your thoughts in the comments below.