Egg Hatching Chart of Pokemon GO – 2KM, 5KM and 10KM

Egg Hatching Pokemon GO

One of the keys to becoming a Pokemon GO master is – Hatching Eggs.

You can’t get all the Pokemons in the wild unless you are at or above Level 20-25; you can’t get rare Pokemons easily unless you’ve levelled up very high and have a huge collection of XP in your account, but the easier way to collect rare Pokemons and obtain candies easily is Hatching Eggs.

There are 3 types of eggs available in Pokemon GO – An egg that hatches at 2km, at 5km and at 10km. Each of the egg may hatch any Pokemon randomly.

Though it’s worth noting that only the smallest, non-evolved Pokemon can be hatched from an egg; an evolved Pokemon can’t.

The theory just goes like the eggs in our real world, where only babies come out and not a developed adult.

But, since different eggs hatch different Pokemons randomly, there’s no chance you can have an egg hatch a specific Pokemon for you. It’s completely random; it cannot be controlled by you.

But, by knowing which Pokemons hatch from eggs of several distances, you can at least have an estimate of the Pokemon species that might hatch from your egg.

So, here’s the Egg Hatching Chart in the Table form below. It can be sorted according to distance, or Pokemon’s name by clicking on the Specific Column title.

Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Chart

A chart that lists out the types of Pokemons which hatch from eggs of different distances.
PokemonEgg Distance
Bulbasaur2 km
Charmander2 km
Squirtle2 km
Caterpie2 km
Weedle2 km
Pidgey2 km
Rattatta2 km
Spearow2 km
Pikachu2 km
Clefairy2 km
Jigglypuff2 km
Zubat2 km
Geodude2 km
Magikarp2 km
Ekans5 km
Sandshrew5 km
Nidoran(f)5 km
Nidoran(m)5 km
Vulpix5 km
Oddish5 km
Paras5 km
Venonat5 km
Meowth5 km
Psyduck5 km
Mankey5 km
Growlithe5 km
Poliwag5 km
Abra5 km
Machop5 km
Bellsprout5 km
Tentacool5 km
Ponyta5 km
Slowpoke5 km
Magnemite5 km
Doduo5 km
Seel5 km
Grimer5 km
Shellder5 km
Gastly5 km
Drowzee5 km
Krabby5 km
Voltorb5 km
Exeggcute5 km
Cubone5 km
Lickitung5 km
Koffing5 km
Rhyhorn5 km
Tangela5 km
Kangaskhan5 km
Horsea5 km
Goldeen5 km
Staryu5 km
Tauros5 km
Porygon5 km
Onix10 km
Hitmonlee10 km
Hitmonchan10 km
Chansey10 km
Scyther10 km
Jynx10 km
Electabuzz10 km
Magmar10 km
Pinsir10 km
Lapras10 km
Eevee10 km
Omanyte10 km
Kabuto10 km
Aerodactyl10 km
Snorlax10 km
Dratini10 km
Mr. Mime10 km

A general rule of thumb is – The longer distanced egg you hatch, the rarer Pokemon will come out. And this is proved from the Egg Hatching Chart in the table above.

Egg Hatching Chart Pokemon GO

Which are the best Pokemons hatched out of Eggs?

As you can see from the table and the picture above that rarer Pokemons hatch out from 5km and 10km eggs. So, hatching those eggs are better than 2km. Though, you should still hatch 2km eggs which also gives out 10 candies per the Pokemons hatched from the egg.

Here’s the list of the best Pokemons hatched from eggs:

  • Omanyte – One of the rarest Pokemons that only appear sometimes.
  • Lapras
  • Onix
  • Kabuto
  • Aerodactyl
  • Snorlax
  • Chansey
  • Hitmonlee
  • Hitmonchan

(More information about all these Pokemons can be found in the Pokemon GO Wiki).

Though some of these might appear frequently in your area, they’re rarer than others on the whole list.

The only downside of hatching the eggs is, you need to walk a lot! You can stack up on Egg Incubators and keep them on hatching many at once, but you’ll still need to walk a lot (but, people have discovered ways to hatch eggs without walking!).

The chart above confirms that region exclusive Pokemons can also be hatched from these eggs.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemons hatched from the eggs? Open up your thoughts in the comments below.