[Easter Egg] You can Power Up your Buddy Pokemon One More Time than the Max CP Arc Limit

Buddy System Easter Egg - Power Up Once More Than Max Limit

2 days ago, when we came across this, we thought that this is a game bug (published here) which leads to Powering Up your Pokemon once more time than the actual Max CP Arc.

Though, after some research, we saw that this is true for too many players out there worldwide. So, this seems more of an easter egg for your Buddy Pokemon rather than a Bug instead.

How does it works?

  1. Put the Pokemon as a buddy whom you want to Power Up past the max limit.
  2. Now, select that Pokemon from the Pokemon page, and tap on Power Up. You’ll see that you have the Power Up button enabled for one more time after the arc hits the limit.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough done by Pokemon Hub:


What are your thoughts on this new Easter Egg? Open up your thoughts in the comments below.