Download Pokémon GO 0.29.0 APK

Pokémon GO

Enjoy fellas! Here comes the first release of Pokémon GO with a version number 0.29.0. It isn’t released everywhere in the world, but still, you can download Pokémon GO from here and enjoy playing a game that changes your perspective towards the game, in fact, it’s a real life adventure!


  1. Version: Initial – 0.29.0 (2016070500)
  2. File Size: 58.06 MB

Note: There are some malware versions of Pokémon GO found out there on the web which is specially created to infect your Android device and steal details. This page links to the safest initial version of Pokémon GO which is 100% tried, tested and verified as safe. So, you can download Pokémon GO 0.29.0 from here without any security worries.

Download Pokémon GO 0.29.0 APK: