Don’t Cheat in Pokémon GO or You’ll Be Banned!

Pokémon GO Ban

You can hear a lot about players playing Pokémon GO by GPS Spoofing their original location, making them virtually go anywhere in the world.

There can be a reason or two why you want to virtually go somewhere and play the game because maybe you live in the middle of nowhere, with no PokéStops or Gyms and want to play the game.

Whatever it may be, just like any other games, Pokémon GO too has an anti-cheat detection system built-in.

What that does is, whenever it senses that your location suddenly changes from one place to another, and when travelling that much in that period of time doesn’t makes sense, the anti-cheat system activates and bans you.

Let me explain that with a simple example:

Your current location is Sydney and you’re suddenly accessing the game from California after a minute (through GPS spoofing). This obviously doesn’t makes any sense and the system detects that your location moving is too fast/irrelevant and hence it bans you.

Actually, the game has a special algorithm that counts the location change everytime you start the game, comparing it with your last location and time elapsed between the logins. If that’s more than the highest speed they have assumed (which may be around the speed of an aeroplane), the system detects that you’re cheating and hence you’re banned.

How do you know that you’re banned and what happens when you’re banned?

Even if you’re banned, you can still log in to the game and start it. And there’s no indication of you getting banned on the screen or by any sort of notifications (developers at Niantic are smart!).

But, here are the following symptoms that you’ll experience if you’re banned:

  1. You can’t get items from PokéStops.
  2. You can’t catch any Pokémon. Irrespective of its Combat Power (CP), every Pokémon you try to catch will run away after the first PokéBall throw.
  3. You can’t battle or claim any gym. Even if you select your Pokémons to battle for the gym, the gym battle will show you, Ready, GO and will suddenly come back to the screen of the Pokémon selection at the gym.

So, overall, if you’re banned, you can do nothing but only waste your time by moving at places. Because all the parts that make up a successful Pokémon adventure will be banned for you.

For how long are you banned?

There’s no specific ban limit announced or noticed yet.

Though, there’s no Permanent Ban in the game experienced yet. Niantic only wants to show you that you can’t and shouldn’t cheat at the game. Simply play honestly, and have real fun.

The maximum soft-ban experienced lasts about 2-3 hours, though your ban can also get over in an hour. It looks to us like this depends on the time that would take you to travel from your last location to your then spoofed location.

So, your ban time may range between 1-3 hours or sometimes even more.

Also, there’s no confirmation of the existence of permanent ban after a specific number of soft-bans. And therefore, you’re advised not to cheat in the game.

But, again, if you’re one of those who live in a far away area having almost no Pokémons, PokéStops or Gyms, you can still use this way to smartly cheat in the game without getting banned.

Have you ever got banned from Pokémon GO? Comment your opinions below.