How to Defeat Dragonite in Pokemon GO – A Surefire Strategy!

Dragonite - Pokemon GO

Dragonite is amongst the most powerful Pokemons in Pokemon GO, coming on the list right behind the Legendary Pokemons.

The key to defeat Dragonite is – Type Matchup.

CP is obviously important, but you can do well even if your Pokemon’s CP is 10% less (200-300 CP) than that of the dominating Dragonite.

How to Defeat Dragonite?

Dragonite is a Dragon/Flying type Pokemon. So, it’s very easy to defeat it since there are moves which are super-effective to both Dragon as well as Flying type Pokemons leading to a double the 1.25x damage on Dragonite.

Dragon types are weak against:

  • Fairy
  • Dragon
  • Ice

Flying types are weak against:

  • Ice
  • Electric
  • Rock

But, as Dragonite resists Electric-type attacks, there will be very less damage from Electric-type moves to Dragonite.

So, Dragonite has 4x effect by Ice Type Pokemons since it’s a Dragon+Flying Type Pokemon!

From this Dragonite Weakness Type List, we can have the following Pokemons to fight against Dragonite to defeat it:

  1. Clefable
  2. Dragonite (Perhaps, with a higher CP)
  3. Dewgong
  4. Lapras
  5. Cloyster
  6. Jynx
  7. Golem
  8. Omaster
  9. Aerodactyl
  10. Kabutops

Pokemons with Special Moves to Deal the Highest Damage to Dragonite

To gain the double damage to Dragonite from a single move, you’ll need Pokemons that have a STAB Bonus (1.25x), Dragon Type Super Effective Bonus (1.25x), Flying Type Super Effective Bonus (1.25x) = 1.25×1.25×1.25 = 1.95 ~ 2x damage as compared to the damage done with a move to a Pokemon.

Ice-types are the only ones that are super-effective to both Dragon and Flying Type Pokemons to offer you 2 times the 1.25x Super Effective Bonus.

So, if you use Ice Types Pokemons with Ice Type Moves on Dragonite, it will do an approximate damage of 2x as compared to 1x done by original moves!

The Best Ice-type move combination is – Frost Breath / Blizzard.

So, these are the Pokemons that can know Frost Breath and Blizzard to do the highest amount of damage to Dragonite:

  1. Lapras
  2. Dewgong
  3. Cloyster

This Pokemon List will easily help you to defeat those powerful Dragonites dominating the Gyms. What’s your opinion on this? Leave a comment below.