Best Gym Defender Pokemons in Pokemon GO per Moveset

Best Gym Defender Pokemons Featured

Gyms are one of the most important parts of Pokemon GO for now, where you can battle with the player’s Pokemons placed in a gym and can place your own Pokemon to defend the Gym.

Just like the offence, defence is also equally important so that your Pokemon lasts longer in a Gym battle.

Here’s the complete Gym Defence Ranking Chart:

Best Gym Defender Pokemon List per Moveset

PokemonMovesetDefending Power (in %)
LaprasIce Shard, Ice Beam100%
Ice Shard, Blizzard92.9%
Frost Breath, Ice Beam88.7%
Ice Shard, Dragon Pulse88.1%
SnorlaxZen Headbutt, Hyper Beam97.3%
Zen Headbutt, Body Slam90.1%
Lick, Hyper Beam88.8%
Lick, Body Slam82.4%
DragoniteSteel Wing, Dragon Pulse93.5%
Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse84.6%
Steel Wing, Hyper Beam79.8%
Steel Wing, Dragon Claw78.2%
ExeggutorConfusion, Seed Bomb84.9%
Confusion, Solar Beam81.6%
Confusion, Psychic81.1%
Zen Headbutt, Seed Bomb80.9%
VaporeonWater Gun, Water Pulse84.8%
Water Gun, Aqua Tail
Water Gun, Hydro Pump69.3%
PoliwrathBubble, Hydro Pump78.6%
Bubble, Submission74.9%
Bubble, Ice Punch67.3%
Mud Shot, Submission50.2%
WigglytuffPound, Play Rough76%
Pound, Hyper Beam72.2%
Feint Attack, Dazzling Gleam70.8%
Pound, Dazzling Gleam67.8%
SlowbroConfusion, Psychic73.5%
Confusion, Water Pulse69.8%
Confusion, Ice Beam66.3%
Water Gun, Water Pulse64.6%
ArcanineFire Fang, Flamethrower73%
Fire Fang, Fire Blast68.4%
Bite, Flamethrower66.6%
Fire Fang, Bulldoze61.5%
VenusaurRazor Leaf, Petal Blizzard70%
Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb66.7%
Razor Leaf, Solar Beam66.4%
Vine Whip, Petal Blizzard60.7%
GloomRazor Leaf, Petal Blizzard65.2%
Razor Leaf, Solar Beam61.7%
Acid, Petal Blizzard60%
Acid, Solar Beam55.8%
ClefableZen Headbutt, Dazzling Gleam64.6%
Pound, Dazzling Gleam64.5%
Zen Headbutt, Psychic50.9%
Zen Headbutt, Moonblast49.1%
MukPoison Jab, Dark Pulse63.1%
Poison Jab, Sludge Wave59.7%
Poison Jab, Gunk Shot58.8%
Lick, Dark Pulse54.8%
BellsproutRazor Leaf, Sludge Bomb63%
Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade61.9%
Razor Leaf, Solar Beam61.8%
Acid, Sludge Bomb58.5%
RhydonMud Slap, Earthquake61%
Mud Slap, Stone Edge57.5%
Rock Smash, Earthquake55.1%
Mud Slap, Megahorn51.8%
NidoqueenPoison Jab, Earthquake60.7%
Poison Jab, Sludge Wave52.8%
Poison Jab, Stone Edge51.5%
Bite, Earthquake49.8%
KangaskhanMud Slap, Stomp60%
Low Kick, Stomp56.1%
Mud Slap, Brick Break48.2%
Mud Slap, Earthquake46.1%
HypnoConfusion, Psyshock58.4%
Confusion, Psychic58.4%
Zen Headbutt, Psyshock55.1%
Zen Headbutt, Psychic54.3%
CharizardEmber, Flamethrower58.4%
Wing Attack, Flamethrower57.9%
Ember, Fire Blast54.6%
Wing Attack, Fire Blast53.9%
DewgongIce Shard57.3%
Ice Shard, Blizzard56%
Frost Breath, Aqua Jet54.5%
Frost Breath, Blizzard47.8%


Conclusions from the Table Data

  • Lapras is the best Gym Defending Pokemon in Pokemon GO. And the best Defending Moveset is Ice Shard and Ice Beam.
  • Snorlax comes the next after Lapras as a good Gym Defending Pokemon with Zen Headbutt and Hyper Beam as the best defending moveset.
  • Dragonite with Steel Wing and Dragon Pulse is again a very powerful Pokemon for defending Gyms.

Here’s another video that concludes the Top 5 Gym Defenders based on the Defense IV stats. Not though very accurate, still informative:

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