Best Gym Attacker Pokemons in Pokemon GO per Moveset

Best Gym Attacker Pokemons Featured

Our recent List of the Best Gym Defender Pokemons listed out the best Pokemons with particular movesets that can be the best placements in a Gym for Defending it.

In a similar pattern, here’s the list of the best Gym Attacker Pokemons that will help you to easily defeat and knock out Pokemons from your enemy teams.

In the table below, the Moveset is the Basic and Special move combination (separated by a comma) laying out all the possible combinations of particular species of a Pokemon that makes up the respective Attacking power. The higher the Attacking power (in percent), the more powerful the Pokemon’s move combinations are, and the more likely you should be to use and knock down opposing gyms. Thanks to /u/Qmike for putting this data together.

Best Gym Attacker Pokemon List per Moveset

PokemonBasic AttackSpecial AttackAttacking Power
SnorlaxLickHyper Beam100%
LickBody Slam96.5%
Zen HeadbuttHyper Beam95.5%
Zen HeadbuttBody Slam92%
DragoniteDragon BreathDragon Claw99%
Dragon BreathHyper Beam93.3%
Dragon BreathDragon Pulse93.2%
Steel WingDragon Pulse78.5%
LaprasFrost BreathBlizzard92.6%
Ice ShardBlizzard88.3%
Frost BreathIce Beam84.8%
Ice ShardIce Beam81.7%
VaporeonWater GunHydro Pump89.6%
Water GunAqua Tail93.5%
Water GunWater Pulse73.3%
ArcanineFire FangFire Blast77.3%
BiteFire Blast75.4%
Fire FangFlamethrower72.4%
ExeggutorZen HeadbuttSolar Beam74.5%
Zen HeadbuttPsychic69.4%
ConfusionSolar Beam69.3%
Zen HeadbuttSeed Bomb65.8%
SlowbroWater GunPsychic72.2%
Water GunWater Pulse62.1%
Water GunIce Beam62.1%
BlastoiseWater GunHydro Pump70.9%
BiteHydro Pump64.5%
Water GunFlash Cannon58.2%
Water GunIce Beam58.2%
GyaradosDragon BreathHydro Pump70.8%
BiteHydro Pump70.8%
BiteDragon Pulse58.5%
Dragon BreathDragon Pulse58.5%
MukPoison JabGunk Shot66.7%
Poison JabSludge Wave66.3%
LickGunk Shot60%
LickSludge Wave59.7%
VenusaurVine WhipSolar Beam66.1%
Vine WhipPetal Blizzard63%
Vine WhipSludge Bomb62.9%
Razor LeafSolar Beam60.6%
Poison JabEarthquake63.6%
Poison JabSludge Wave58.8%
Poison JabStone Edge58.4%
CharizardWing AttackFire Blast63.4%
Wing AttackFlamethrower59.4%
Wing AttackDragon Claw56.6%
EmberFire Blast55.9%
WigglytuffPoundHyper Beam63.3%
PoundPlay Rough57.4%
Feint AttackHyper Beam52.3%
PoundDazzling Gleam51.7%
PoliwrathMud ShotHydro Pump61.8%
BubbleHydro Pump61.5%
Mud ShotSubmission51.7%
GolduckWater GunHydro Pump60.6%
Water GunPsychic51.6%
Water GunIce Beam49.5%
ConfusionHydro Pump44.9%
Zen HeadbuttMoonblast51%
PoundDazzling Gleam48.8%
NidokingPoison JabEarthquake57.5%
Poison JabSludge Wave53%
Poison JabMegahorn52.2%
Fury CutterEarthquake51.6%
RhydonMud SlapEarthquake56.2%
Mud SlapStone Edge55.7%
Mud SlapMegahorn51%
Rock SmashEarthquake49.1%
DewgongFrost BreathBlizzard56.2%
Ice ShardBlizzard53.4%
Frost BreathAqua Jet44.2%
Frost BreathIcy Wind44.2%

Quick Conclusion points from the table

  • The most powerful Pokemon to attack a Gym is Snorlax, with its basic move as Lick and Special Move as Hyper Beam
  • After Snorlax, Dragonite is the second most powerful and appropriate Pokemon to be used to defeat gyms with a moveset Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw
  • Lapras comes 3rd in the list of the best gym attacker pokemons, with it’s best movesets being Frost Breath and Blizzard (this moveset having both Ice type moves will help you defeat Dragonite very easily)
  • Vaporeon, with Water Gun and Hydro Pump comes as the 4th most powerful Pokemon which can used to attack and knock down gyms

What are your opinions on this data chart? Let us know in the comments below.