Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Pokemon GO

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Pokemon GO

Just like you, we too are crazy fans of Pokemon GO!

As soon as the game released, it saw a historic trend in the world that has never been seen because of the launch of a smartphone game.

Though it’s released just in selected countries yet, it’s the current trend everywhere.

Right from news sites like Forbes, Huffington Post to Tech sites like TechCrunch, and entertainment sites like Popsugar, there’s mention of Pokemon GO everywhere.

You already know about the health benefits due to Pokemon GO.

But, just like everything, Pokemon GO too has its own set of Advantages and Disadvantages.

So, let’s have a look at these Advantages and Disadvantages of playing Pokemon GO.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Pokemon GO

When it comes to ethics, this augmented reality game has really changed the way we gamers play games. All the real world adventure, AR simulation and the upcoming Pokemon GO Plus is a real advancement in technology.

This game has been purposefully made to let us go out and enjoy the real world.

Advantages of Playing Pokemon GO:

  1. Real world adventure: You move and explore the real world to play the game.
  2. Better physical and mental health: Playing Pokemon GO, lots of players has reported their come back from anxiety and depression, also losing lots of fats and becoming fit as they walk to play this game.
  3. Innovation: The game is really an innovation in the way we perceive things. A better gaming experience.
  4. Social Interaction: This game has eventually turned all the non-gamers to Pokemon GO players, creating a worldwide, peaceful gaming community.

As we look at these advantages, they show the reason why this game has received such huge popularity. But, just as a coin has two sides, this game has disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Playing Pokemon GO:

  1. Fear of getting injured: Since you’re required to explore the real world with this game; when all your attention is in the phone, there are chances of meeting an accident and getting injured. But, here are some safety tips while playing Pokemon GO.
  2. Heavy battery drainage: Pokemon GO is a massive battery hog. So, you might be required to carry a power bank with yourselves when you’re on a Pokemon GO adventure so that your phone doesn’t dry up due to a lot of gaming. But don’t worry, we’ve a nifty guide with battery saving tips while playing Pokemon GO!
  3. Heavy data usage: Just like the way it’s using up battery, it also needs high-speed Internet data connection to load up the maps, the PokeStops and other info constantly from their servers. But, we again have a saviour for you to reduce data usage while playing Pokemon GO.
  4. Addiction to the game: Even if you weren’t a fan of the Pokemon anime series, there are high chances of you getting addicted to this nifty little smartphone game. Beware, or it might result in a lot of your precious time wastage!

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